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Cooler Master Nepton 280L Review


Cooler Master Nepton 280L Conclusion

All-In-Ones are much more common than just a few years ago and many manufacturers offer them. And as they become more popular and affordable, manufacturers must come up with ways to sway the customer. So what makes the 280L stand out from the others? The Nepton is the first tool-free AIO watercooler and it is certainly capable of cooling your system.

But there is more to it than just cooling. For me it is the installation and the ability to move the radiator to the necessary position. And of course, how well it fits in your case. With some AIOs, it can feel like you are going to kink the tubes before you can get the radiator into position, especially in a smaller case. The longer, heavier tubes on the 280L help to alleviate that. And those thumb screws - wow, they really make the installation process so much easier. You can easily get the radiator and fans in position. And the thumbscrews make installing the pump a breeze - in fact, the thumbscrews alone would be a selling point for me. It wouldn't surprise me if that becomes a standard for other manufacturers.

The pump is quiet, and the fans are not terribly loud. I like the JetFlo 140 fans and the fact that they are 4-pin PWM fans. And while we are talking about fans, the JetFlo 120 fans are right at home with the Nepton, and prove that they can move the air when it counts. The rubber pads on the fans help keep any vibrations to a minimum. The splitter power cable for the fans also makes it nice to control both fans from one fan header, and it provides for a clean cable routing since you can run the fan cables and the splitter behind the motherboard tray and keep them out of sight.

And while the Nepton is well-suited for any case that can handle a 280mm radiator, I was particularly pleased with how well the Nepton 280L and the COSMOS SE case work together. It is as though they were made for each other. Well, I suppose there is probalby some truth to that. 

The Nepton is really a great addition to the Cooler Master family of CPU coolers. The installation went well, the performance was fine, and really the only con I can think of is that perhaps it would be nice to have a longer warranty - at least three years.



  • Easy installation with thumb screws for the pump, fans and radiator
  • JetFlo 140mm 4-pin fans
  • Long flexible tubing
  • White LED lens on the pump cover looks nice
  • Separate power lead for fans (splitter)
  • Works well with the JetFlo 120 fans
  • Smooth integration into the COSMOS SE case



  • Two-year warranty
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