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Cooler Master Nepton 280L Review


Cooler Master Nepton 280L Closer Look:

Along with the standard 140mm JetFlo fans, I have the opportunity to take a look at the JetFlo 120mm fans. Not so much as a full-blown review of the fans, but to show how they work with the Nepton 280L. So let's get started.


The JetFlo 120 fans come in a nice box with a front flap that is held shut with a piece of Velcro. These fans come with LEDs in either red, blue, white, or none. Today we have blue. Open the front flap and you are met with a variety of information from the bearing composition to performace charts. The bearing is made from POM, which is known as Polyoxymethelene and is an excellent bearing material.





















The front of the box shows the fan with blue LEDs in action. The rear of the box shows the fan specification details and feature list in eight languages. Briefly some of the key specifications are: Fan Speed 800-2000 RPM ± 10%, 1600/1200 RPM (fixed) with the silent adapter. Air flow: 95 CFM ± 10%. Current: 0.4A.




The JetFlo fan boxes have the same color and text scheme as the Nepton box.



The fan is nicely packaged in a separate box with a small upper compartment for the extras. The bottom wall of the compartment has a little notch for the fan cable to pass through so it can be stashed away. Open the top and you are ready to remove the fan.



Out of the box we have the fan, two adapters for silent operation, and a small bag of four mounting screws. And yes that is a 4-pin connector!



Let's take a look at the fan frame. The plastic frame is thin and light weight - but not flimsy or cheap. The fan motor and blades are supported by four arms that are beveled for smooth air flow. One thing that stands out is that the mounts at each corner are rubber, and are secured with two socket head screws. There is a threaded metal insert in each rubber mount, and this insert is large enough for standard mounting screws to pass through.



If you want to keep things quiet, you have two included options in the form of adapters. Each will give you a lower level of speed and keep the sound down. The label says "Caution: Hot". Speed is typically reduced by using a resistor, and the resistor lowers the voltage at the expense of heat generation. In full PWM mode, you have a speed range of 800 to 2000 RPM +/- 10%, but both of the adapters will run the fan at a fixed speed, either 1200 or 1600 RPM depending on which adapter you use.


Now let's show how well the Nepton 280L works with 140mm and 120mm fans. For reference on the left are the stock JetFlo 140mm fans that come with the 280L. On the right are the JetFlo 120 fans installed.



Again for reference, I mounted one the of 140mm fans and one of the JetFlo 120 fans on top of the 280L.  I mounted both of the JefFlo 120 fans on top in a pull configuration and then I dimmed the lights - you can really see the blue glow of the JetFlo 120 fans.



And here I mounted the JetFlow 120 fans as pushers. They really light up the inside of the case. And you can see the white LED of the Nepton 280L pump. The JetFlo 120mm fans are right at home with the Nepton 280L. Performance wise, the JetFlo 120 fans kept up with the JetFlo 140mm fans, although they were perhaps a bit louder at full speed.

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