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Computex 2011 Coverage


Show Floor:


Corsair has really gained a full head of steam in the last year. With launches of watercooling, cases, headsets, and speakers they have really expanded their lineup. I am sure there has been some trial and error along the way but most of their stuff have come out of the gate fairly strong and performed well. Corsair launched their new Force 3 Series SSDs right at the start of Computex. However, just a few days after Computex ended, the 120GB drives were pulled because some of them were not operating to specification. As far as I was told, the 240GB versions where not affected so kudos to Corsair for catching it quickly and getting the fixes in place. Reading and writing specs show over 500MB/s but that may go higher with the new revisions. We shall see. Corsair also had on display their new Vengeance memory lineup in Red, Black, White and Blue depending on what kit you would looking at running. They also showed off their new upcoming H80 and H100 watercooling kits. These are supposed to be launching near the end of June or so. From what I saw they are performing better then the previous lineup. If I remember correctly, the H100 was about 12 degrees cooler. Expect to see a review on OCC of their new lineup once they launch. The last interesting thing that I got to see was the this little black box with cables coming out of it. I asked what it was and was shown a demo on what it was to do. You connect your video cards to this box and it works with Corsair's new "Link Software". Rather than waiting for the video card temps to heat up before the fans adjust, this box will apply an increase to the fan speeds when the voltage is increased to the card. Corsair claims that going by voltage rather then temps, this will make your system more efficient. I for one am looking forward to the launch of their software. There is a lot of good things about the software and with so many companies trying to do this before and never following through with it, Corsair appears to be close.




















  1. Introduction & Day 1
  2. Mall Trip:
  3. Mall Trip : Continued
  4. Taipei 101
  5. Taipei 101 Continued
  6. Show Floor: Random Looks
  7. Computex Show Floor: ECS
  8. Computex Show Floor: Corsair
  9. Computex Show Floor: Asus, CoolerMaster, Titan
  10. Show Floor: G.Skill
  11. Show Floor: Noctua
  12. Show Floor: OCZ
  13. Show Floor: Powercolor
  14. Show Floor: Sapphire
  15. Show Floor: Thermaltake
  16. Show Floor:Xigmatek
  17. ECS Tour
  18. ECS Tour: Continued
  19. Ferris Wheel
  20. Taiwan Tour
  21. Taiwan Tour :Continued
  22. Taiwan Tour: Continued
  23. Howard Beach
  24. Kenting Park
  25. Random Girls
  26. Random Girls:Continued
  27. Random Girls:Continued
  28. Random Girls:Continued
  29. Night Market
  30. Night Market: Continued
  31. WTF!
  32. Taiwan Pics
  33. Taiwan Pics: Continued
  34. Booth Babes:
  35. Booth Babes: Continued
  36. Booth Babes: Continued
  37. Booth Babes: Continued
  38. Videos
  39. Conclusion
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