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Computex 2011 Coverage


Mall Trip:

So just after lunch I met with James from ECS and Victor from another website called Hardwaremx. James wanted to take us to Guang Hua Digital Plaza, where you pretty much can find any electronics stuff you were looking for. Six whole floors of wall-to-wall electronics. This is a place guys (some girls) dream to have the chance to see. What I wouldn't give to be locked in this place for one night. But seriously, if you need something that pushes electrons around, this is the place to go. Most of the prices are posted or tagged but with many stores you can bargain with them and usually get the prices a little lower depending on what you are wanting to buy. Some things I found were cheaper than North America but for the most part it is pretty close to the same prices. However, when it comes to clothing I found that to be a lot cheaper, but I will cover that later. So here you can look at the pics of all the different shops and things you can buy.







































  1. Introduction & Day 1
  2. Mall Trip:
  3. Mall Trip : Continued
  4. Taipei 101
  5. Taipei 101 Continued
  6. Show Floor: Random Looks
  7. Computex Show Floor: ECS
  8. Computex Show Floor: Corsair
  9. Computex Show Floor: Asus, CoolerMaster, Titan
  10. Show Floor: G.Skill
  11. Show Floor: Noctua
  12. Show Floor: OCZ
  13. Show Floor: Powercolor
  14. Show Floor: Sapphire
  15. Show Floor: Thermaltake
  16. Show Floor:Xigmatek
  17. ECS Tour
  18. ECS Tour: Continued
  19. Ferris Wheel
  20. Taiwan Tour
  21. Taiwan Tour :Continued
  22. Taiwan Tour: Continued
  23. Howard Beach
  24. Kenting Park
  25. Random Girls
  26. Random Girls:Continued
  27. Random Girls:Continued
  28. Random Girls:Continued
  29. Night Market
  30. Night Market: Continued
  31. WTF!
  32. Taiwan Pics
  33. Taiwan Pics: Continued
  34. Booth Babes:
  35. Booth Babes: Continued
  36. Booth Babes: Continued
  37. Booth Babes: Continued
  38. Videos
  39. Conclusion
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