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Computex 2010 Coverage



I've been sporting an Antec P160 for years now, simply because I never found another case worth moving into. I think I've now discovered my next case - Corsair's Graphite Series 600T. Sleek, sexy and functional - those would be the three words I'd use to describe Corsair's latest prototype that was previewed at Computex this year. Corsair's tagline for the 600T is "mid-tower outside, full-tower inside." Corsair accomplishes this in two ways; first, by making the case slightly wider than your typical mid-tower, and second, with reconfigurable hard drive bays.

The case is wider and the side panels are curved slightly to allow for better cable management. Cases often boast cable routing behind the motherboard tray, yet rarely provide ample room to house your wires, making you fight for every space. Not so with the 600T - simply route your wires thru the plentiful openings and stuff it behind the motherboard without worrying whether the side panel will close. The pictures don't really do it justice - there's plenty of room there. As for the reconfigurable hard drive bays, the 600T supports up to six 3.5" drives in two hard drive cages (three in each). What makes them reconfigurable is that you can remove one or both of the cages to accommodate multiple, extra long GPUs (up to 15"). But unlike other cases, you won't necessarily have to remove the cages entirely - you can instead mount the cage at the bottom of the case next to the PSU!

The 600T also includes two 200mm fans with white LEDs (front and top), a rear 120mm exhaust fan, and a built-in fan speed controller on the top-front of the case (alongside four USB, one eSATA, one Firewire, and headphone/microphone jacks). In addition, the top fan can be removed to accommodate a 2x120mm radiator and fans. As of right now, the case does not have a window, but Corsair will most likely create a windowed side panel as an option, though it'll probably be of a mesh design to match the rest of the case, rather than clear plastic.






Corsair was also showing off its AirFlow Pro, which mounts about Corsair's AirFlow fan and connects to any Dominator memory that includes DHX Pro. The AirFlow Pro contains a series of LEDs that display memory activity, while the center LEDs change according to the temperature. In the photo below, the middle LEDs are red because they turned off the fan to raise the temperatures. Visual cues are always welcome additions for enthusiasts.



Next were Corsair's fully modular power supplies. Yes, even the ATX 20+4-pin cable is modular! The three power supplies - AX750, AX850, AX1200 - are all 80 Plus Gold. The AX750 and AX850 contain an ultra-quiet 120mm fan, while the AX1200 contains an ultra-quiet 140mm fan.



I also got to see Corsair's recently released CPU coolers, the A50 and A70.



Lastly, Corsair had a bunch of USB flash drives on display, and while that's usually not something to bother discussing, I must say I was rather impressed by the speeds boasted by the Flash Voyager GTR, a USB 2.0 drive, thanks to its quad-channel design.


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