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Computex 2010 Coverage



NZXT has a few cool new things in the works. The first new product I was shown by designer Johnny Hou was a case called Phantom. As you can see from the images below, the case has a very sleek design, which personally I think looks really nice. The case is aimed at enthusiasts and thus provides ample room for large video cards and heat sinks, support for dual radiators, seven hard drives, five 5.25" drives, seven PCI slots, seven fans, and eATX motherboards. The case will be available in three colors - white, black and red - and the interior color will match the exterior color.









Below is an image of the unique fan control system located on the top of the case, each supporting up to 20 watts. The icons below each control indicate which fans will be affected. From right to left: front, side-front, side-back, top, rear. Being an enthusiast case, NZXT definitely has cooling high on its priority list, providing support for a 14cm fan in the front, two 12cm fans on the side by the hard drive bays, a 20cm or 23cm fan on the side covering the motherboard, two 20cm fans on the top, and another 20cm fan on the back. The case will ship with the two 12cm fans on the side, one on the top, and the fan on the back.

The front door of the case is very sturdy and has a great feel to it. NZXT went the extra mile by thickening the door with a smooth rubberized material inside that really feels nice to the touch. The door is also slightly magnetized to keep it shut, and inside you'll find quick-release 5.25" mesh bay covers. On the top of the case, opposite the fan control, are an eSATA port, two USB ports, and headphone and microphone jacks, along with the power and reset buttons.

On the back of the case, toward the top, is a switch to turn on or off the LEDs on the case and fans, which is nice if you have it running in your bedroom while you're trying to sleep. In addition, there are four watercooling tube openings for those that want to have two separate circuits, and as is becoming the norm lately, the PSU is located on the bottom. Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take any pictures of the inside of the case, but as mentioned above, the interior color matches the exterior color. The case also features a unique tool-less 5.25" mechanism that is very easy to use, and the hard drive cages feature trays that support 2.5" drives, providing support for SSDs. The case is expected to ship in July and retail for around $150.

NZXT also showed off an external, touch-screen fan control system. This is great for those that want a large LCD fan control system without the room in their 5.25" bays.

Another cool accessory is a LED rope. Many enthusiasts like to have the inside of their cases glow, especially those with windows. Cold cathode tubes used to be the main way to accomplish that, but because of the rigid nature of the tube, arranging them inside your case can be very tricky, often resulting in less than optimal lighting. NZXT has gotten around this by creating a braided rope with small LED bulbs interspersed throughout. This LED rope can easily be bent around any obstacles, which will make it ideal for modders.


Lastly, we have NZXT's new power supplies. Dubbed HALE90, all the PSUs in this line will be 80Plus Gold certified, and because NZXT doesn't like to conform to the norm, they are pearl white in color.


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