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Comdex 2003 First Day Coverage

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What better place to start our coverage of COMDEX, than the beginning? The first day of COMDEX started as any day should, with breakfast. nVidia invited us to a breakfast, so eagerly we went, expecting eggs, bacon, sausage, and the works. However, to our disappointment breakfast consisted of bagels and mini-muffins. The breakfast was about as exciting as nVidia's booth at last night's bikers bash.


The breakfast, or lack there of, had a nice turn out none-the-less. Though, as we soon found out, the crowd was there for nVidia's press conference. It was here that we finally got to see something from nVidia. The press conference was to announce the nVidia Geforce FX 5700 Go series of notebook GPUs.


To show off the power of the new 5700 FX Go, nVidia ran all of it's demos (including a HDTV demo) off of multimedia notebooks. The notebooks, currently not available to the public, were provided by Alienware and Toshiba. The HDTV presentation that they presented, again ran from a notebook, was very impressive quality wise.


For those of you familiar with Dawn, nVidia's skimpy dressed pixy, nVidia has something new for you. Lust Dusk, Dawn's new sister... sporting leather pants, and something that Dawn was missing.. shadows.


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