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CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Review


CM Storm QuickFire Stealth Mechanical Keyboard Testing & Results:

The CM Storm QuickFire Stealth keyboard was put through over a week of use and testing. During this time, it was used in everyday use, surfing the Internet, working, and of course some gaming. As a keyboard is personal to each and every individual, how it responds in these various tasks is important in different ways to everyone. This rather subjective review is meant to provide you the feedback from use rather than assigning made up numbers trying to compare one board to another. It's pretty easy to distinguish the likes and dislikes of a keyboard through words rather than leaving it to you to decide what a 7 or 8 really means. No guessing game – here's what I liked, and here's what I hated.


Testing Setup:



Everyday Use:

Everyday use for me seems more important than just having a gaming keyboard. Even if it is specifically designed for gaming, it needs to function as a keyboard outside of gaming. The CM Stealth by no means is designed for a pure gaming use, but rather as an everyday keyboard that also satisfies occasional gaming. As an everyday keyboard, I can't complain about this keyboard one bit. I touch type so looking at the keys isn't something I need. That being said, I do find the labeling pretty easy to glance down at and find what I need – so if I'm struggling to find the right symbol along the number line, I can quickly look and find it. They keys clack as much as the next mechanical and at this point is just a sound I'm used to. Some of my friends can't stand the sound, but that's what damper O-rings are for. It's definitely easy to type with and very easy to feel the mistakes you make while typing. It scores high marks on everyday use.



Working with a keyboard can depend a lot on what profession you work in. If you do a lot of Excel work or lots of number crunching, you'll probably hate this keyboard. Again, INSERT RANT HERE about keyboards with no number pad – it's an obvious answer, it just wasn't designed for that. But if all you do is write up some Java scripting or write letters or novels, the CM Stealth easily gets you through. Work isn't really an issue here – unless you need a number pad.



Gaming-wise, I can't say this keyboard stands out beyond any other CM mechanical keyboard, or really any other mechanical keyboard on the market. Yes, the extra red keycaps are a nice touch, but they don't really add any performance other than being able to quickly find your WASD keys (for you noobs, haha). This keyboard doesn't have any software or any built-in macros – it's just your standard keyboard. But ultimately, unless you are a big MMO player or really need the extra macro keys, you'll be fine. It is just important that I point out that this keyboard doesn't really have anything specific to contribute to gaming. Just think of it simply as a nice mechanical keyboard – that's what it is.

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