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CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 750 watt Power Supply

Price: $169.99


SLi, Crossfire, 750GB hard drives, quad-core processors. These are just a few of the power-hungry technologies and products which need to be fed the watts. Do you really need to go all out and get a 1000watt power supply that is going to make your electric bill go through the roof? How about a power supply that isn’t too big, but can easily handle the applications listed above?

Think of a number between 500 and 1000. I thought of 750. Coincidently, the power supply that I’m reviewing today is the Cooler Master Real Power Pro 750watt power supply. I’m going to rip this power supply up with a bunch of rigorous tests to see if it can handle what I do, but also to see its potential.

Cooler Master is one of the most well known companies in the computer hardware industry thanks to its line of superior cases. Will this power supply help Cooler Master’s success in the power supply market? Let’s dig in to find out all about this 750watt power supply.

Closer Look:

The retail box for the power supply was bulging. This either meant too much stuff or too much padding; let’s hope it’s the latter. The image on the front of the box is very simple and professional looking and it certainly catches the eye. The top of the box has a handle for easy transportation, as well as icons displaying some of the features of the power supply. The back of the box displays the specifications of the power supply, as well as a picture of the plugs and how many of each is included with the power supply. The sides of the box just have some information about the product, such as what type of power supply it is, whether it is a US type, Euro type, UK type and so on.



When you open the flap in the front, you’ll see a huge manual resting on top of the power supply. The bigger the manual is, the more information it holds - which is always a plus. The cables are folded neatly and rest on the left side of the box; they look almost like a coiled up snake.


Once you take everything out of the box, you’ll see what’s included. With the power supply you get a huge manual, mounting screws, and a power cable.

Each side of the power supply displays the specifications, telling you how many amps for each rail, what the maximum power is, the maximum AC input and so forth.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Internals & Connectors)
  3. Installation & Specifications
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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