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Cooler Master V10 Review



The Cooler Master V10 CPU Cooler is a very unique cooler in a few different aspects. The first being the actual design of the cooler with the second being the integrated TEC installed on the back of the cooler. When I first took a look at the V10, I was impressed with its size and the actual feel of the cooler, it is large enough to cover the processor as well as have enough room to cover the memory modules you have installed on your board, or it could cover your North Bridge depending on which way you wanted to position it. The TEC that was installed on the cooler makes for a great addition to the large amount of surface area that the V10 was able to provide, which by itself would be able to dissipate the heat enough to cool the processor into the ranges desired; however, the TEC would be able to provide that extra little boost to help cool it even more. The size of the cooler was not only a good thing, but with some setups, the heatsinks on your memory modules could be too tall for use the V10. I personally do not have a problem with the weight of the cooler, but there are a few people out there who may stay away from the heavier coolers as they seem like they could possibly fall off or crack the PCB of the motherboard. Its massive size may be a turnoff for some people as well and makes mounting into a mid tower chassis a more than challenging proposition. The mounting hardware that comes included with all of CoolerMaster's high performance coolers is exactly the same. I love the bolt on mounting hardware for its sturdiness, though I hate it for the fact that you have to pull your motherboard out every time you need to switch CPUs or change your cooler. For the everyday user, however, the mounting hardware would be fine as one would only have to install it once and it would be good.

The temperatures that the cooler was able to produce were great. They were right in line with the others out on the market, but when the heat really kicked in, the V10 was able to give you that extra few degrees to be the "coolest" cooler out there right now (yes, pun intended). The one serious drawback I found with the V10 is the price. For $140, the price for performance equation really does not work. At that price you can pick up two of just about any other top air cooling solutions on the market. Get the pricing more in line with the performance and you have a serious contender for the top air cooling dollars looking to be spent. The multi-platform design that Cooler Master integrated is always a great idea, especially when the company sends you the mounting hardware for the new LGA1366 socket. If you are looking for a new cooler and you are an overclocker, I would suggest picking this one up. It will give you temperatures that you are going to be looking for, it will give you some extra cooling for your RAM sticks if they do not have tall heatspreaders, and it will also give you a great turn around value if you decided to upgrade to the new LGA1366 socket from your LGA775 or even if you wanted to go to the AM3 socket type that will be coming out shortly if you are running on the AM2 or even one of the older AMD socket types. It looks as though the V10 has pulled to the top of our list of heatsinks tested on Intel's socket 1366 platform and it does an admirable job of cooling the processor down even with the increase in voltage. Massive size, excellent cooling! What more could you ask for?



  • Large Size
  • 200+W cooler
  • Copper base
  • Integrated TEC
  • Dual fans
  • Performance
  • Multi-platform design
  • Mounting hardware (sturdy)



  • Large size (difficult install in smaller chassis)
  • Weight
  • Price



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