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Cooler Master V10 Review

Price: $139.99


Have you been looking to upgrade your processor's cooling solution? Are you big into overclocking your system but temperatures on your stock or other aftermarket cooler are not where you want them to be? Maybe you are just beginning to start in on the overclocking process and you would like to keep your temperatures in check and not worry about them bottlenecking your overclock. Well, you are looking in the right direction. Cooler Master, one of the most trusted names when it comes to processor cooling, has launched one of its long awaited coolers, the V10. The Cooler Master V10 CPU cooler is not only a large cooler that is going to be able to cool a large amount of heat coming from your processor, it is also going to be able to keep your RAM sticks cool with its extended arm. What makes the V10 different from others out on the market? It has to do with the TEC module that it has installed in it to help even more with the temperatures. I am curious to see how this cooler is going to be able to compare to the others that are out on the market.


Closer Look:

When you take a look at the packaging for the Cooler Master V10, a few different thoughts are going to cross your mind; the first one being the fact that the package looks very elegant, as it does not have words and crazy graphics plastered all over the front, all it has is the V10 logo in the lower left hand corner, the LGA1366 logo and the Core i7 logos in the right hand corner with the purple Thermalfusion 400 TIM logo above that. There is a large image of the Cooler Master V10 displayed on the front of the package to keep the consumer interested and allows them to see what the cooler looks like before they purchase it. There is a sentence at the bottom that reads "200+W Air Cooling With Hybrid TEC" at the bottom, which gives you the impression that the cooler is going to be able to cool a large amount of heat. The back of the package is set up very professionally as well; the left hand of the package is where you are going to find all of the main features that Cooler Master wanted you to know about, while the left side is where you are going to find all of the specifications about the V10 cooler. There are a few images and diagrams located at the bottom to help describe how large the cooler is and where all of the features are located. The two sides of the package are extremely simplistic, there is an image of the V10 with a list of the different processors that the V10 is able to cool.




When you open up the package, you are going to see that Cooler Master has taken quite a bit of care in the actual packaging of the V10 to ensure its safety during the shipping process. Inside of the cardboard outer package there is a molded piece of foam that is going to hold the V10 cooler along with all of the accessories in place to ensure they will not move around and suffer any damages.



Well, now that we know how the cooler is packaged, let's see what goodies come with it. Of course, there is going to be some documentation, such as the installation manual to make sure you know how to install it and which mounting hardware pieces you need to use for which socket. There is also a warranty card, along with the ThermalFusion thermal interface material sample. There is a bag of screws and nuts that you will need to use to install the mounting hardware and all of the brackets to the base of the cooler. The mounting hardware that is included with the Cooler Master V10 is the Intel LGA775 along with the LGA1366 mounting hardware, which makes this cooler something to look for as you will be able to upgrade to the newer Core i7 processor series from Intel and have a cooler to mount to it. There is also the green side of the things, AMD's universal mounting hardware is included, making this cooler able to be installed on virtually any setup.



Now that we know how the Cooler Master V10 is packaged and what accessories come with it, it's time to take a detailed look at it and see what she is made of.

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