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Revisiting the CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


CM Storm Trigger Conclusion:

In conclusion, I really liked this keyboard. I loved it the first time I reviewed it, besides the red LEDs, and I think I love it even a little more with the green switches. Although the greens were a little different to get used to compared to the other switches I've used in the past, I do think they are my new favorite switch type. They are a little more aggressive and if we break down the different feels I think you'll understand it a bit more.

First off, the green switch is a tactile switch, meaning it actually has a tactile bump down through the key press, which in turn is actually both felt and audible to the user. The greens also have a high actuation force of 80g compared to the browns at 55 and the blues at 60. Compared to the browns, they are by far a lot heavier and clickier. The greens are much stronger and not so gentle. Compared to blues, the greens are actually seemingly quieter. Perhaps it is the actual key cap in this case being quieter, but the actual spring itself seems a lot quieter as well – it isn't quite the annoying type, type, type, sound that I got from blues. Reds and blacks are hard to compare fairly here as they both are linear switches; they don't have the bump click and are entirely different on their own.

Overall I really like the new green switches. The CM Storm Trigger is still the beast of a keyboard it was, but I'd highly recommend the change in switches . The greens aren't for everyone, but if you like a really aggressive feel to both your typing and gaming, this is the keyboard for you.


CM Storm Trigger Pros:

  • Well-built keyboard to endure the zombies.
  • Green switches really add to the feel of any game, work, or email.
  • Nice backlighting (despite my distaste for the red color).
  • New life brought to the keyboard with the green switch type.


CM Storm Trigger Cons:

  • Little loud if you aren't used to mechanicals.
  • Heavier weight of the switch may make you weaklings tired for a week or so.
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