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Revisiting the CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


CM Storm Trigger Testing and Results:

Testing here is a little different than the last time we took a look at the CM Storm Trigger – so it's not quite a direct compare, though in reality it's quite a bit more of a direct compare than it would have been. Rather than assigning numbers to categories of comfort I've moved us forward to discussing how the keyboard feels and things to love or hate about it rather than "this keyboard was an 8" as a not so helpful measure. Therefore you will find information on how it performed in everyday use, work type situations, and of course gaming. Everyone has a different need and some of us crossbreed between these categories, so it is important to see how well it performs across the board.


Testing Setup:



Everyday Use:

Writing emails and surfing the net doesn't seem like much use on a keyboard. I really noticed the change in keyboard even doing such simple tasks. The green switches are indeed heavier in typing. Even writing a brief email to a friend brought on some simple hand exercises nailing down the message. I will say the added force ensures you've not mistyped something as if you don't hear and feel the click, you know you've missed a letter. It's a nice guaranteed key press even on such low level use.



Doing work wasn't too bad with the green switches either. With a standard layout on the CM Trigger, finding the right keys to hit wasn't a problem at all. The number pad made crunching numbers quick and flawless with again that guaranteed key press by sound and feel. Although I found the green switches to be quieter than the blues and blacks, it does have a notable click that could be found annoying to an office mate or roommate – so just be prepared for a little cranky-ness until they get used to your new typing.



Gaming is what a lot of you really care about here. Though the keyboard has the standard keyboard layout, there is also an additional row of macro keys lined up the left; five of them to be exact. If you read my previous review of the CM Trigger, you can find out more about the included software to setting these up – it's quite simple and if not useful, at least fun to play with. I'm not a big fan of using macros in games, but when I have them for review I tend to make them do stupid things such as spam a chat or awkwardly shoot a gun. The position of them isn't too awkward to get to and I've found a lot more keyboards including them in this similar fashion.

The green switches themselves proved to be a little tiresome to my walking hand at first, but after a few hours of game play, it didn't seem that cumbersome anymore. The click and feel again proved to be that nice sure-fire "I pressed the key" satisfaction.



Regardless of the activity/use of the keyboard, I noticed right away that the switches were indeed a lot "heavier" than most switches. Though it was expected considering the actuation force ratings, it never seems likes something you would greatly notice. I'm right-handed, so my stronger hand didn't quite feel the extra weight as much, but my weaker left hand pointed out the change almost immediately after writing just a few emails. They are definitely heavy, but not something you couldn't get used to in a day or two. Overall, I really liked the feel and I think I'll keep using this one for a while.

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  2. CM Storm Trigger: Testing & Results
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