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Revisiting the CM Storm Trigger Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Price: $129.99

CM Storm Trigger Introduction:

Cooler Master is back with a revision of one of my favorite keyboards. The CM Storm Trigger returns to my desk today with another switch option: MX Cherry Greens. These switches are designed with a higher actuation force of 80g – whereas your MX Cherry Reds are 45g, Browns 55g, Blacks 60g, and Blues 50g for reference – so you can expect to give a bit more press to get your point across. The keyboard itself is constructed the same as the MX Cherry Red version I reviewed back in April 2012, so as a recap review, you may need to take a look back HERE for more details.

The cost of the green switches come at a small price hike of about $10 more than the blue, red or black switches; but to be fair, the switches themselves do cost more. At CES 2013, Cooler Master had one with green LEDs, but sadly the retail version is back to its typical red backlighting, much to my dismay. Still, the body of the keyboard remains that of an utter zombie beating weapon – for those of you a little less familiar, go enjoy yourself by watching a YouTube video of the CM Storm Trigger in action. For some reason, buyers feel the need to smash up their old Razer keyboards with their new Trigger before using it (or drive over it with a truck) – it proves to be quite durable, as it is still usable after some of these smashings.

Enough about that – it's time we move on to the keyboard itself. I'll give a refresher course on some of the key features before we dive in. The CM Storm Trigger (regardless of the switch type) comes with five programmable macro keys, 64KB of onboard profile storage, two USB 2.0 ports, 1000Hz polling rate, and six key rollover through USB. You'll have the option to disable the pesky Windows key that effortlessly takes you away from full screen in the middle of your epic battles and you'll get all this at just less than three pounds weight. Now let's get on to the pictures already.


CM Storm Trigger Closer Look:

Starting with the typical box shots, we've got the CM Trigger box here again. The box itself doesn't look much different compared to the first one we saw; the only change being the sticker on the box signifying the inclusion of green switches. The box images really are the same, but the sticker indicating the switch type was a nice addition considering the different options available. You know you got what you ordered before completely opening the box.



Out of the box, the CM Trigger with MX Cherry Greens looks no different than any other CM Trigger – at least until you pop a key off. I know many of you probably have no desire to pull of keys when you buy a keyboard, but with a mechanical keyboard it's always nice seeing the switch behind it all. In this case you can see the actual green switch below the ESC key. It doesn't seem like much, but the different color goes a long way to give a different feel.

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  2. CM Storm Trigger: Testing & Results
  3. CM Storm Trigger: Conclusion
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