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CM Storm Stryker Case Review



In the end, this case is essentially the same as the CM Storm Trooper – the only difference is really the fact that is white. The eSATA port has also been removed from the front I/O panel of the case, but this isn't a deal breaker, as I can't say that I've used one in a long time, if ever. The price is up there with some of the "higher" models, but at $159.99 it isn't too much for what you really get. It is a slight premium to the cost of the Trooper at the moment, but in my opinion it looks more like the true Imperial side that I expected in the first release. The structure of the case is very solid and I'd find it quite the challenge for you to find a way to break this one down very quickly. It is going to stand up to many hardware changes and all your abuse for an extended period of time; you will probably get tired of it before it gets tired of you. The handle makes it easier to carry room to room, but overall the case is somewhat a heavyweight. For short little me, picking up the case requires a bent elbow, where for most of you, you'll be able to squat down and straight arm it. The window gives me some concern with banging up against your leg if you carry in on that side, but in reality, just turn the case around to avoid it. The window is always a plus in my eyes, as you can show off what a clean build you have, or for some of you, the haphazard mess you make when building. Overall, the CM Storm Stryker is a heck of a case. It's much like its sister CM Storm Trooper, just in another color option. And despite the glossy finish after voicing my much preferred matte finish at CES, I'm satisfied.



  • Easy to carry
  • BIG! Plenty of room for anything and everything.
  • Painted well, inside and out – whites even match piece to piece.
  • Ample cable routing space.



  • A little on the heavy side, but not so sure this is truly a "con".


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