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CM Storm Sonuz Gaming Headset Review

Price: $69.99


CM Storm is Cooler Master's brand for high-end gaming devices and components. Begun back in 2008, CM Storm products are developed by working directly with the gaming community to tailor products exactly to gamers' needs. CM Storm claims to have injected every product with its signature "Storm Tactics" with a focus on Strength, Security, and Control. Sure, it's just marketing, but it does inspire confidence knowing that whatever CM Storm product you buy has been shaped by the gaming community. Today I'll be taking a look at the CM Storm Sonuz, a new gaming headset that has just hit the market. It promises great things with its 53mm drivers, comfortable 97mm ear pads, and detachable microphone (which can be placed on either side of the headset).

Cooler Master claims that this headset is designed for the highest sound quality. With its large drivers and simple stereo design the Sonuz looks like it might be a winner. It's not common for companies to actually push for high sound quality and hit the mark in an affordable headset, so continue on to see how the CM Storm Sonuz lives up to its tagline: "Don't let poor audio get you killed".


Closer Look:

The box for the CM Storm Sonuz is garnished in the trademark red, grey, and silver of the CM Storm line. The front of the box has a large photo of the headset blending into the window that allows you to peek at the actual headset itself. The blending between the photo and the headset is a bit odd because of the different perpectives and makes it look like the headset has been twisted around the top spine. Moving around to the side of the box you can just barely see the headset peeking through the window. The backside of the box introduces the basic features and specifcations of the Sonuz in English as well as seven other languages. Spinning around further the other side of the box lists the specifications of the headset, which are further detailed on the Specifications and Features page.












Overall the box is quite attractive and will successfully distance itself from other packages on the shelves of your local store. There's enough information to get you familiar with what you're buying before you take them home and get to gaming!




Popping open the top of the box is a simple affair with the headset and accessories sliding out easily. The headset itself is packaged in a formed plastic carrier that holds it very securely – it won't be going anywhere in shipment no matter how malicious your UPS or FedEx driver happens to be. Along with the headset, Cooler Master bundles an instruction booklet and a plug for the detectable microphone.


As seen above the headset comes packaged securely in a clear plastic carrier. It's actually twist-tied into the carrier with no room for movement whatsoever. Centered in the middle of the packaging is the inline microphone and volume control. This is a welcome feature as I absolutely hate tabbing out of a game to change the volume level! The ability to quickly mute the microphone is something that should get some good use during extended gaming sessions when you don't want to transmit eating noises (or whatever you do when you game). Click on to the next page to see the CM Storm Sonuz in the raw!

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: Continued
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing & Results
  5. Conclusion
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