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CM Storm Scout 2 Case Review


Closer Look:

Out of the box – as most of you want to see it, the Scout 2 looks pretty impressive. The case may not be right up on par with the CM Storm Stryker, but it’s got a grip for being what a case ought to be for a $100 investment. I can’t seem to get over the quality here compared to that of other “cheap-o” cases I’ve had my hands on. It just felt like a “real” case pulling it out of the box.

Taking a look at the sides of the Scout 2, I find what seems to be a very different line than most cases. There is a handle on top for carting from one LAN party to the next, or maybe just down the hallway in your house. The weight balance seems pretty nice too, with the case empty at this point. There is also a nice little side window that allows you to peak in and catch any error lights your mobo may throw. Underneath, you'll find room for a couple fans on the side, though it does look a little unattractive. With some fans mounted, it may help the appearance from the outside. The right side of the case has a similar design minus the window and fan holes.












The front of the case is nice on the eyes as well. Although I despise any forced logo on the front of any case, I’m not broken in half having the CM logo on the front of this one. It still looks alright and rather than screaming Cooler Master at me, it’s a subtle logo that whispers “what’s that?” instead. The honeycomb structure behind the mesh shows through nicely, giving the front a nice overall look. The body features a rubbery texture that gives it a good overall feel as well. The front profile just has a great appeal in my view – especially with the hidden I/O panel (I’ll let you see it later).

The rear of the case looks equally as nice. It’s pretty basic, but the fact that everything is color matched, including the screws, makes it look really clean. The unused PCIe slots have nice closed covers that are replaceable rather than being punch outs. The typical CM Storm Guard cable locker is in place to keep people from stealing your gear at LAN parties when you just can’t wait to hit the bathroom after hours of serious Borderlands 2 partying. It’s just a clean-cut back end of a case – I’d almost rather display this side…



The top of the case has a set of three buttons: one for power, one for reset, and one to control the fan lights. A semi-subtle CM STORM logo is cut into the case, but doesn’t over rule the case itself. There’s also a little door below, which reveals two USB 3.0 ports, two USB 2.0 ports, and two audio jacks. It’s nice to be able to hide these from view. Personally, I think it just makes for a cleaner look and better aesthetics. A little groove for a light appears on the front edge of the case – I’m guessing for power…we’ll see when we power it up later on.



Another close up look at the bottom edge of the case gives you an idea of the mesh size. It just looks really nice and doesn’t overdo it. My urge to rip the logo off the front of the case is suppressed by the form fitted piece. The handle on top of the case, on the other hand, does make me smile. I love that it doesn’t really look like a handle – rather, it just looks like part of the case. It’s rubberized for grip, but doesn’t look like a carry location that would support the case, though it does. Since this case isn’t as tall as the other handled cases (such as the CM Stryker), my short height didn't matter. I can easily carry this case here to there and back. I’m looking forward to getting hardware in and hopefully seeing the same outcome.



I’m genuinely impressed with the outside of this case. I really like the overall look as well as the sturdy feel for the price. I remember saving up to buy my HAF 932 and thinking that was a lot of money at the time. This case sells for less, so I’m reasonably impressed. It looks great – I'm just hoping it performs as well and isn’t a kludge to get hardware in and out. Like many of you, I don’t stick with one set of hardware for long – I like the ability to keep changing components.

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