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CM Storm Scout 2 Case Review

Price: $99.99


Cooler Master is back with us today to show off yet another case. A lot of the time, I get cases from manufacturers that are cheap and feel that way. So whenever something shows up from Cooler Master, I get a grin on my face; whether it’s a “cheap” or “expensive” item, the quality is always great. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the CM Storm Scout 2; a case that is quite affordable on the price spectrum and if I know my CM, should stand pretty well in quality as well. It is another entry in Cooler Master’s “Storm” series; a successor to the infamous Storm Scout. This time around, the focus is more on the rounded futuristic theme and improved reinforced carrying handle (I have to love the carrying handles). The front panel I/O has also been upgraded to USB 3.0, which is ready to charge your phone or iPod, as well as enhance your file transfer rates on compatible devices. Unlike most sequels (especially in your favourite movies), the CM Scout 2 looks to impress rather than disappoint.

Closer Look:

Everything you order comes in some sort of package, that's no surprise. The CM Storm Scout 2 comes in a typical CM package – colored and full of images. The box always is of a black and white design, with red-accented CM logos and streaks. I’m usually against the costs associated with decorative boxes, but as long as the product inside is still “high” quality, then it doesn’t really matter too much. We shall see how this pans out after opening it up.

The front of the box sports a photo of the case with a gunner in the background. The sides of the box give both some quick specifications on the case, as well as explanations in several languages. This case can also be purchased with various power supply sizes; both active and passive. The back of the box shows a few shots of the inside of the case and goes on to highlight some of its features in detail. We’ll talk about these a little later and also show some close ups of each.










Opening up the box is always my favorite part. Although I’ve already seen lots of pictures of this case since its release, it was still like Christmas morning – I just love getting boxes in the mail! And no question; the CM Storm Scout 2 was especially exciting to open. For the price range, I already had some expectations for a lightweight and slightly lower quality case, but was a bit surprised to find what was inside. It is packed in the usual foam caps, with a plastic bag to protect it from other damages during shipping. Although the box was beat up, the case arrived in one unharmed piece. Continue to the next page to see what the CM Storm Scout 2 really has to offer. It ought blow your mind for the price.


  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look: (The Case)
  3. Closer Look: (Working Components)
  4. Specifications and Features
  5. Testing & Results
  6. Conclusion
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