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CM Storm Recon Mouse, Pad, and Bungee Roundup Review


Closer Look:

Before we get to how I feel about the CM products, let us first take a look at the software that is downloadable from the CM website for the CM Recon mouse. I generally dislike the software section of most mice as most designs are rather clunky. The CM Storm Recon software is quite nice by comparison.

First we have the Buttons tab. It shows the left, top, and right sides of the mouse. Every button can be seen and a physical connection to the mouse is easily made. When you click on the number associated with the button, for example button 9, an image comes up in the upper left of the screen showing a closer look at that button. A function can then be assigned to the selected button. It can be reset to the default function, a mouse function, a keyboard function, a macro, or can be disabled completely (this may be very useful for those of you who can't adapt to the ambidextrous addition of buttons).

The next tab lets us play with the sensor; we can set the four on the fly DPI settings, OS sensitivity, double click speeds, and button response time. A double click area is provided to test it out. All the settings can be applied immediately with the apply button in the lower right corner; and despite most mice taking forever to acknowledge changes, the Recon is FAST!











The "GLOW" tab comes next and is probably my favorite tab of them all – well almost my favorite. Here is where you can play with the look of your mouse and choose from ten preset color options for the wheel, arrows, and palm logo. If you are even more patient you can set the exact RGB values to get whatever color you desire. Although it isn't exactly color from the screen to your mouse – a little tweaking and you can get it to match whatever keyboard lighting or desire you want. Here you can also set the LED mode for the lights with three more options: continuous, flash on profile switch, or "rapid fire," which seems to flash quickly three times on mouse click. This tab is neat and allows you to have a lot of fun customizing it to be YOUR mouse.


The Macros tab ended up being my favorite this time around. I generally don't have this much fun messing with macro setups as on a keyboard it's only so fun – and when you don't tend to use macros very much (I don't ever usually use them) they aren't that exciting. For fun I made one with 44 of the allotted 100 actions. No it honestly doesn't do anything useful, and you can actually see me pressing the keys to grab a print screen to share with you. So yes – you can set a button to do multiple button presses and key presses; whatever you may need. I think this may be fun to set for a friend of mine who always wants to use my computer – I'll set it to write him a message; fun this shall be.



These last tabs aren't quite as exciting as the last but still have usefulness. The Profile tab allows you to store some profiles for various games, various users, and what have you. You can name them and even provide an associated picture to go with it.

The last tab is the Support tab. Honestly it is just a link to the online website for help and a quick way to access the hardware/sensor/firmware/software versions. Nothing too spectacular and would go unnoticed if it wasn't even there.


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