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CM Storm Recon Mouse, Pad, and Bungee Roundup Review


Closer Look (The Skorpion):

The Skorpion reminds me of two things; first, the mouse bungee from Razor, and second, an actual scorpion. The box shows off the bungee with a large open window with a plastic base holding it at just the right angle to make it look like it is walking after you. The name on the front of the box "Skorpion" reinforces the look with a scorpion drawing in place of the letter "i". If nothing else you may just be afraid to pick up the CM Skorpion. The sides of the box go on to show off some features and provide a large image of the cable bungee with labeled features. There's really a lot to look at with all the features – but I'd much rather just open the box on this one.










In the box is the CM Skorpion and a little guide to help you along (though it doesn't really have any "real" information in it). The first thing I notice is the iron core. The triangle shapped base has an iron core giving it some serious weight – I don’t think there will be any issues moving this around your desk. The "tail" on the Skorpion is also quite flexible; it bends in whichever direction I may choose it to and bounces right back to where it was. This could be a lot of fun despite my usual thought of mouse bungees.


The Skorpion does let you have a little fun as it fully disassembles for on the go gaming. You can pop off each leg almost like the daddy long leg spider in the shed and leave it hopeless on the table. For some reason this is quite entertaining and despite tearing it apart it goes right back together with little effort. While torn apart I did snap a picture of the beast's underbelly; it has a CM Storm logo with "Skorpion" printed from the box on the sticker. A serial number is provided for any needs later down the road (perhaps in case you are too rough with its "tail").



Back in one piece it really stands guard with a serious scorpion look (though it only has three legs). It really looks mean but somehow provides the gentle pet feeling to that of a pet dog or cat. It is almost as if it were to be "cute".


Setup wasn't too painful at all. It's pretty obvious the cable is to be held by the tail and the rest is self-explanatory. The rubber groove is adaptive to various widths (so if it isn't the Recon you have no worry); it can hold on to about any standard sized mouse cable – braided or not. All that may be considered "difficult" is deciding exactly how much length you want on your end; otherwise the Skorpion holds its ground and you are good to go.


Overall the entire setup is quite nice. The Speed-RXL pad is nice and large to give me plenty of play room. The CM Skorpion bungee looks mean on my desk and serves quite a purpose holding my mouse cable away from the edge of my keyboard or desk – I've always got the perfect slack in my mouse. The CM Recon mouse is pretty nice too – it probably isn't my favorite mouse – but you can read more about that in the testing and results section.

  1. CM Storm Roundup: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. CM Storm Roundup: Closer Look (The Mouse)
  3. CM Storm Roundup: Closer Look (The Pad)
  4. CM Storm Roundup: Closer Look (The Bungee)
  5. CM Storm Roundup: Closer Look (The Software)
  6. CM Storm Roundup: Specifications & Features
  7. CM Storm Roundup: Testing & Results
  8. CM Storm Roundup: Conclusion
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