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CM Storm Recon Mouse, Pad, and Bungee Roundup Review


Closer Look (The Pad):

The CM Storm Speed-RXL, like I've mentioned before, is a pad I've reviewed in the past with the CM Sentinel II mouse. It's a rather large mouse pad with a nice thickness to it. It isn't thick like most pads and stands at 5mm thick just above your standard cloth pad. The box shows it off with a CM Sentinel mouse sitting on it just to provide a size reference (though I think that is actually the Medium pad shown – see ahead for size comparison with the CM Recon).

Rolling the box from side to side you can read all the specifications and features along with the 21 languages calling out "Gaming Mouse Pad – Speed-RXL". My favorite part of the box is the little swatch on the Features side that actually allows you to feel the texture of the pads surface. It's only the cloth portion of the pad so you can't get a real feel for the thickness of it but you do have a good idea on exactly how smooth the top layer is.










Pulling it out of the box it smells, as all mouse pads seem to, like rubber mixed with Chinese fireworks. Not that the smell matters – it's just something odd I always find about opening a new mouse pad – it just has a "smell". The pad in the box is rolled with the top surface out, so when you place it on your desk it naturally wants to roll to the desk rather than up and around your hand – good planning from Cooler Master's packing crew. A small CM Storm logo takes up the lower right corner of the pad in a thick-ish ink. However, the pad is so large; I don't see it being a problem while using it.



The CM Storm Recon mouse lying on the pad ready for action provides a little bit of a size reference for this 450 x 350 mm mouse pad. It isn't small by any means and will provide you with plenty of play surface.

  1. CM Storm Roundup: Introduction & Closer Look
  2. CM Storm Roundup: Closer Look (The Mouse)
  3. CM Storm Roundup: Closer Look (The Pad)
  4. CM Storm Roundup: Closer Look (The Bungee)
  5. CM Storm Roundup: Closer Look (The Software)
  6. CM Storm Roundup: Specifications & Features
  7. CM Storm Roundup: Testing & Results
  8. CM Storm Roundup: Conclusion
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