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CM Storm Recon Mouse, Pad, and Bungee Roundup Review


Closer Look (The Mouse):

Starting off with the CM Storm Recon mouse we've got quite the packaging. The front of the box shows off a top down of the mouse looking like it is rising out of some molten material. It almost reminds me of Terminator and I fear the glowing red eye to come next. A bright, firery "RECON" labels the box with a sub heading showing off the 800-4000 DPI options. A few bullet points brag up the mouse and leaves you wanting to see more. Lucky for you, the front opens up and gives a near full view of the mouse behind a plastic shell. You can easily place your hand on it for a quick size feel but left with the want to touch it. The inner panel points out some more key features including: multicolor lighting, DPI changes on the fly, super grip, and of course the nine fully programmable buttons.

The back of the box sums it up quickly listing all the features again (check out the specifications and features page to get a full listing). The typical service information links are listed at the bottom along with a site for live help on CM products. It's enough to want to move on and open the box.









But, before we open the box, you have to take a look at more pictures of the box: the sides. There isn't a lot of excitement here I'll be honest, but I do always find it impressive to count the number of languages Cooler Master can list its product name in – this time it is 21.



Enough on the box – the contents are what you are here for. Opening it up there is the Recon mouse and a quick start guide. There really isn't much that comes with a mouse usually so I'm not surprised. The quick start guide at least points you in the direction of the default button settings. These of course can be changed with the software (which you must download from the CM site) but you can at least plug 'n' play straight out of the box.

First glance at the mouse provides a very promising feel. The upper portion of the body is the rubber coated plastic that I tend to really like. It keeps your hands from being sweaty and gives you a sure grip on the mouse. The mouse wheel clearly has a defined lighting area, which means whatever color I choose will shine brightly. The only thing I don't like right away (and you can't see it in this photo) is the extra set of buttons on the left side of the mouse – for you silly left handers out there. They seem like they may get in the way (more on this later).



Looking at the left and right profile views it is quite obvious that the mouse is symmetrical about the mouse wheel. The buttons are positioned exactly the same on the left as they are on the right and the same streamlined profile can easily be seen in either direction.



Taking another angle up from the profiles shows the defined symmetry. The left is exactly as the right from any angle. The on-the-fly DPI arrow keys are centered below the scroll wheel with cut out arrows to light up as well. The CM Storm logo is cut into the center of the palm and appears to light up as well. The most defining feature at this point is really the exact symmetry left to right.



Looking at the back of the mouse, again I can only emphasize the symmetry. The cable being off center is about the only difference left to right. The grip for a lefty vs. a righty can thus be said to be the same in theory (though those lefties I hear have an extra finger or something – *wink*). The scroll wheel is a rather fat one if I should notice something. The white regions, which light up when plugged in, seem to make it look wider than it really is. It's not a heavy wheel – but it does have quite the click to indicate movement.



A couple more angles show off the mouse a bit more. Like many reviews of such subjective items, these images say more than I can in words.



Looking at the bottom of the mouse, which now I'm guessing a few of you are comparing the bottom of your mouse, you can see the optical Storm Tactical Sensor on the bottom with the indicated maximum 4000 DPI. The serial number and model number are provided so that you can send it in for repairs if something does break – or tell your friend exactly what to order when he wants to steal your new mouse. The USB plug is your standard USB plug. The plastic molding around it has a CM Storm logo on it to easily distinguish it on the back of your chassis.



Overall the CM Storm Recon is a pretty nice looking mouse. Plugged in you can cycle through the default set colors: all green, all blue, and all red with three pre-defined DPI settings. After installing the software you'll be able to change the wheel color, DPI arrow colors, and palm logo color independently (as well as all the DPI settings and button options). I'm looking forward to using it a bit and seeing how it really feels in game and how well it performs day to day tasks as well. Nonetheless, based on looks alone (despite the ambidextrous design) I wouldn't doubt a few of you will be listing this on your current wish list.


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