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CM Storm Ceres-400 Headset Review

Price: $49.99


A few weeks ago OCC took an in-depth look at the CM Storm Sonuz gaming headset and now Cooler Master has also introduced a less expensive model that has been imbued with the same Storm Tactics that focus on Strength, Security, and Control. Those marketing buzzwords inspire some confidence along with CM Storm's promise that each product it releases is molded by the opinions and feedback from the gaming population. The CM Storm Ceres-400 is targeted at quite a bit lower price point but hopefully won't sacrifice any of the excellent sound quality and overall build quality seen in its more expensive sibling.

The CM Storm Ceres-400 features 40mm drivers and 90mm ear pads. It uses a circumaural (around the ear) design that should prove to be quite comfortable for long-term use. The large drivers should be up to the task of delivering powerful bass at fairly high output volume. Larger drivers aren't always a promise that you'll get good bass response but in general larger drivers equate to better low frequency response and less distortion when pushing them to their limits. Keep reading to find out whether this headset deserves to grace your noggin!


Closer Look:

The box for the CM Storm Ceres-400 is garbed in the traditional CM Storm red, grey, and silver, and is pretty eye-catching. The front of the box has a large window that lets you peek in at the inline volume and mic mute control as well as giving you a glimpse at the left ear cup and microphone arm. There is also a fairly large illustration of the right ear cup that makes it look like the headset is twisted up inside the box. The window wraps around the right side of the box to give you a better look at the contents. The back side of the box has a plethora of languages bragging about the various design points and features of the Ceres-400 headset. Spinning the rest of the way around to the left side reveals a specifications listing that can be seen in its full glory on the Features & Specifications page.












Like most CM Storm products, the box for the Ceres-400 really catches your eye and definitely looks like it will stand out on a shelf if you're browsing the audio section in your local brick and mortar store. Thankfully CM Storm has also included enough information on the box that you can do a quick comparison between it and other products if need be.


Breaking the seals and popping the box open takes nearly zero effort and allows the headset and packaging to slide out easily. Unlike many products slipping the contents of the box out onto the floor does not leave you with a pile of manuals, accessories, and the product itself as CM Storm has attached them all to the plastic packaging tray. This was a nice touch and the packaging tray itself is sturdy enough that you can be sure your headset will arrive in one piece without damage whether you have a football team deliver the box or your local mailman.


As seen above the headset does come securely attached to a plastic carrier tray. The three twist ties that hold it in place are not tight enough to cause damage or be difficult to remove. The center of the tray holds the inline microphone and volume control and the underside of the tray hold the product manual and cables. I can't say enough how much I love inline microphone controls – when gaming with a VOX type setup it is sometimes necessary to mute the mic and I hate having to tab out of whatever game I'm playing just to avoid transmitting needlessly. Anyway, to see the CM Storm Ceres-400 in the buff move on to the next page!


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