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CM Sentinel Advance II Mouse and RX Pad Review



Overall, I didn’t hate the mouse or the pad (though it’s hard to hate a mouse pad). The mouse was a little disappointing, as I’ve mentioned a hundred times over – it just didn’t have the novel effect I was looking for after being a reproduction of two mice prior. Not even the color changed on the body (from the Z3RO-G), and little overall was gained. It’s a pretty decent mouse overall, but even the Logitech series of mice change color with each number, even if the body doesn’t change. I won’t let that be what holds me back on the mouse. I didn’t care for the size much, but I was just happy the mouse worked when I plugged it in, even without drivers/software. The software just added a bonus, which is the way it should be. If you enjoyed the Sentinel Advance and are looking to replace it, this probably isn’t for you – you probably won’t notice too much of an "upgrade." However, if you’ve never experienced any CM Storm Sentinel, then this wouldn’t be a bad starting point. In the end, it’s a pretty nice mouse, but I wouldn’t call it much more than its mother – the Sentinel Advance – the II is really just marketing at its finest.

The Speed-RX was your typical cloth mouse pad – perhaps a little greater in size. There wasn’t anything really special about it other than being bigger. It was a nice mouse pad, but there definitely aren’t major pros or cons to talk about with it. It worked like any other. It’s cheap for its size and it’s taking up a home on my desk for now.



  • Customization with weights and software options.
  • Braided cord to avoid tanglement.
  • Plug-n-play capable.



  • Not too different from past products.
  • Tracking can be odd.


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