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CM Pulse-R Headset Review


CM Storm Pulse-R Headset Conclusion:

If a pair of headphones were ever designed just for me, it would be these. Honestly, out of the box I swore up and down someone read my previous complaints about every set I've reviewed and made these – with everything just right. There's the removable cable, extreme bass, no stupid drivers, no dongles; just a set that sounds the way it should. I'm still under my desk a little as if there were a true skynet listening in on my every thought – the Pulse-R is about everything I've ever wanted in a headset.

I love that I can unplug the cable when I'm on the go rather than wind it tightly around the cups. I've destroyed a few pairs wrapping them up that way, so now it's just tossed in the bag on its own. This headset will be great when I travel for work again, and the padding really keeps the external noise low. My husband was talking to me and I completely missed the entire conversation with just a little music going in the background. I can't wait to block out the screaming babies and snoring old men…

Besides seemingly being made just for me, the CM Pulse-R really and truly are AWESEOME. There are few things that make me this happy, and the others aren't safe for your work reading…so this is the next best you'll get. I'm very excited about this headset and I hope that your ears get to enjoy it soon too. I welcome yet another member to the BluePanda Gold collection.




  • BASS!!!! Yes, finally someone gets it.
  • Gaming, movies, music, oh my – ready for it all.
  • Customizable – aluminum panels come off for paint, vinyl. and more of your liking.
  • Detachable cable, with plenty of length to share.
  • Detachable mic to discreetly take your gaming set on the go.
  • White light on the cups for great ambiance?? Can't really see it…neat I'd assume?



  • Limited to crank to 9, on a scale of 1 to 10. There's no 11 on this meter.
  • Little warm and tight feeling after long wear.
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  5. CM Storm Pulse-R Headset: Conclusion
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