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CM Pulse-R Headset Review


CM Storm Pulse-R Headset Testing:

Testing the CM Pulse-R headset required some serious music listening sessions, a movie or two, and some intense gaming sessions. Granted, there's no easy way to measure sound quality, but I will do my best to describe any flaws or drawbacks in the sound reproduction that these sound quality oriented headphones can deliver.


Testing Setup:



CM Storm Pulse-R Headset Results:



Surprisingly this headset has a lot to offer on the gaming side of the world. As you'll soon learn, I've found the CM Pulse-R to be almost designed for listening to music; but, it finds its home in the gaming world as well. Playing a little DiRT 3 this afternoon just to tear up some dirt, I was impressed to be able to hear all the different aspects of the race; the people on the sidelines, the dirt beneath my tires, the slipping of clutch, and of course the popping off the rev limiter. If that wasn't enough, I had to have some fun shooting down some Skagg in Borderlands 2 and scream at my friend in ATL for picking up the good loots. The sound quality through the mic turns out to be great – at least according to my buddy on the other end; said he'd never heard me better. The removable mic really makes it easy to go from relaxing and listening to music to ready to go full gaming in no time at all.

My only complaint, and this could be due to my setup more than anything, is the awful noise associated with connecting USB and the mic and audio ports to the front panel of my case. There's tons of buzz, and general noise that is heard both on my end and on the other end of the mic. However, plugged into the back, directly to the mobo, the issues were resolved…so I can only guess that I in general have some noise front to back with my case.



Movies aren't too bad with the CM Pulse-R either. It's a little dark in sound, keeping the annoying treble out of your face. It keeps the modern tin easier to handle and listen to over long periods of time. I will admit that it doesn't drive loud and in some cases your quieter movies will have to be driven up with other means, otherwise you might just feel like you're left without enough oompf. I guess the real blessing from that is there is no way you will hurt your ears cranking it to its maximum volume. It also won't distort at its maximum either – so in a way it's a win-win, as you know you are safe to bump it all the way up when you reach your favorite scene.

My only concern with this and movies would be that lack of ability to really drive it hard. I'd expect to push the volume just a little more with the inline controls and at 100% in Windows, I'm not completely satisfied. I'd worry that on a plane or in a noise-ridden area, things may be difficult to overpower – but the good quality sound wins out this debate in my mind, as I'll always find a way to turn it up. Besides, this in a way is just more a guarantee that sound won't distort even at its max.



It's almost as if the CM Pulse-R were designed for music and its ability to play quality sounds for gaming was just an added bonus. The levels for music are awesome straight out of the box; well that is if you are a fan of some serious bass. I'm a big fan of some solid bass and these show up for the calling. It's there with the punch without the boomy overdone bass. It still has solid directional sound and balance, despite its strong bass. Without drivers (which I'm happy to not deal with) it can have a bit too much bass for some songs/styles, but overall for a combo headset, it sounds damn good.

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