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CM Pulse-R Headset Review

Price: $89.99

CM Storm Pulse-R Headset Introduction:

A headset is quite the key element in communication during game play – nothing is worse than "that guy" who tries to type talk in the middle of an epic battle to ask for a health potion. He dies and you let him go – his fault for refusing to "chat." Okay, that may be a little cruel, but really it doesn't take much to have some type of mic plugged in for play. If you can get a headset with some serious sound behind it and a mic that doesn't sound horrible for just a bit a coin; I'd say it's worth it.

Today I will introduce you to the Pulse-R headset from Cooler Master, which I"ve had the blessing to play with for the last couple weeks. It's been so pleasant, I nearly forgot to write up something for you to read. The headset is of the usual CM quality and somehow it comes out to be more affordable than my last favorites at just $89.99 MSRP. Everything about it, spoiler alert, made me fall madly in love with it – you can't have mine, go buy your own. Now get to reading to find out why this headset is definitely worth saving up a few bucks to buy it.


CM Storm Pulse-R Headset Closer Look:

So this little toy, CM Storm Pulse-R headset, showed up in pre-retail packaging. It's not exactly what you'll see when it shows up to your door, but you can at least get a concept of neatness with this little black box representation. The inside reads "CM Storm" on the left lid panel. The headset looks clean sitting in the form fitted plastic with the mic held tight in the center. It's very simplistic and clean – quite honestly I'd like if it showed up just like this.









Out of the box, I'm first very impressed with the detachable cable and detachable mic – these are two features I always request/want when I buy/review a headset. It looks pretty nice and feels like high quality straight from the box. A little manual comes with it – not that you'll probably read it, but it does list the specifications and features, which are also listed a few pages ahead if you want to check out the real audiophile details.


  1. CM Storm Pulse-R Headset: Introduction
  2. CM Storm Pulse-R Headset: Closer Look
  3. CM Storm Pulse-R Headset: Specifications & Features
  4. CM Storm Pulse-R Headset: Testing & Results
  5. CM Storm Pulse-R Headset: Conclusion
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