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Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280 Review


Cooler Master MasterLiquid Pro 280 Conclusion:

Manufacturers are always striving to keep their products fresh and relevant. All-in-Ones coolers are much more common now and it becomes more difficult to differentiate between them. I wouldn't go as far as saying that the market is saturated, but there are certainly many to choose from. So what makes the MasterLiquid Pro 280 stand out from the others? Well, you have Cooler Master's FlowOp Technology, which is a combination of features that together provide an efficient, effective means of keeping your CPU cool. First, the radiator is built like a tank. Very solid. Very rigid. The new square fin profile also improves efficiency. The pump is also quite robust and I like the blue LED lighting, although it would be nice to be able to change the color, but that is certainly not a show stopper. And while we are talking about the pump, I will say that the engineering that went into this unique dual chamber design has certainly paid off. There is virtually no sound from the pump and, from the thermal testing results, it can clearly move enough water past the ultra fine microchannels on the copper base.

Cooler Master listened to customer feedback and incorporated some attractive braided sheathing to the cooling lines (and pump power cable). The MasterFan Pro 140 Air Balance fans can really move the air and they do so without sounding like a jet engine. Plus you get the ability to select three different speed ranges. How many fans out there can do that? So when you consider all of these features, I would agree that the FlowOp Technology does give this cooler an edge over other similarly priced units. I also have to mention that I liked the clear hardware organizing tray in the hardware kit. Installation was also a breeze.

Performance was about where I expected it to be - which is right at the low end of the temp charts and that is definitely a good thing. The MasterLiquid Pro 280 retails for $129.99 and is really a great addition to the Cooler Master family of CPU coolers. The installation went well, the performance was fine, and you can't beat the five-year warranty.



  • Great performance
  • Rock solid, robust radiator construction
  • Square fin profile for improved heat transfer
  • Cool blue LED under the pump face
  • Silent pump
  • Braided sheathing on coolant lines and pump power cable
  • Large, heavy duty MasterFan Pro 140 Air Balance fans with three speed capability
  • Nice hardware organization tray in hardware kit
  • Easy installation
  • Five-year warranty



  • It would be nice to change the LED color on the pump, but this is really minor


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