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Cooler Master Hyper D92 Review

Price: $44.99

Cooler Master Hyper D92 Introduction:

There is no need for a fancy introduction, as Cooler Master's family of cases, power supplies, cooling solutions, and gaming peripherals speak for themselves. The company is often found at the top of the short list for practically anyone looking for stylish, long-lasting, affordable hardware. Cooler Master has certainly earned a fine reputation for delivering quality and performance with the Hyper series of coolers. The Hyper series is a successful line of air coolers that currently consists of around twelve models. The Hyper D92 is a mid tower-style cooler and is a new addition to the lineup. If you are familiar with the N520 from the 2009 vintage, then you may notice some similarities.

The N520 had a unique design that placed the fans' axial alignment offset to each other. This offest helped to reduce the natural deadzone of air behind the fan hub area. A lot has changed since 2009. The new D92 uses the same offset concept and to further improve the performance of the D92, it also uses direct contact heat pipes and more powerful fans. We also have an improved mounting system over the N520.

Cooler Master also uses the ACS (Accelerated Cooling System) with the Hyper D92.  We will go over the ACS later in the review.


Cooler Master Hyper D92 Closer Look:





The front of the box is all white and rather spartan, with only a nice shot of the cooler and no fancy graphics or flashy background. The Cooler Master logo is at the upper left, and to the upper right are two rounded text boxes highlighting the Socket 2011 and FM2+ compatibility. Bottom center we have the HYPER D92 in bold black text, along with "4 DIRECT CONTACT HEAT PIPES," "CROSSING AIRFLOW EFFECT," and "HIGHER COMPATIBILITY" clearly spelled out. The rear of the box is again void of any distractions, and has the Cooler Master logo, a full socket compatiblilty list, feature list in eight languages, and finally some nice graphics showing the general dimensional information.




The sides of the box are black and again we have a nice shot of the cooler, this time from the base focusing on the DC Direct Contact copper heat pipes. There is a listing of the socket coverage under the Cooler Master Logo and HYPER D92 text. The other side shows a full list of the specifications and again the socket coverage is clearly spelled out. The model number (RR-HD92-28PK-R1) and UPC bar codes are at the lower right.



Inside the main box we have the the hardware box on top. The cooler is protected by heavy, closed cell foam carefully carved out to fit the top of the cooler and hold it in place. There is a similar piece in the bottom that keeps the base centered and protected. There is even a small desiccant bag to keep any moisture under control.  All this padding does a fine job of keeping the cooler in prime condition.



After removing the hardware box, you find the instruction set and the two-year warranty info sheet. The hardware includes all the goodies to mount the cooler to your motherboard and covers AMD and Intel installations. While the new LGA 2011-v3 socket is not called out on the box or the instruction sheet, it is referenced on the Cooler Master website. The 2011-v3 socket is for the recently released Haswell-E CPU series. There is also a 4-pin fan splitter cable that allows you to power both fans from one motherboard CPU fan header.



The instruction sheet is printed on both sides and is comprised of easy-to-follow graphics and little text. You do read the instructions, right?

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