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CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Review


CM Havoc Gaming Mouse Conclusion:

Overall I really enjoyed the CM Havoc gaming mouse. I usually don't go for the fat mice, but this is one you can definitely be a chubby chaser for and still be thought of as okay. It is definitely set to fancy those with a palm grip and despite having small hands there's not too much there. It is built nice and sturdy and even some rage smashes of the mouse have not shown any instant signs of loss. The little bit of lighting really adds to the mouse in my opinion; for some reason I fall into the category of loving a little bit of customization through a little bit of lighting on my peripherals. The lighting is subtle enough and you can turn it off completely without it looking like it is broken. I didn’t like that I couldn’t have my full RGB spectrum, but I can settle with the standard options provided. The mouse glides quite well even on the cheapest of mouse pads and is great for many hours of game play, work, and whatever else you use your mouse for. It's just a nice simple connection between you and your machine.


CM Havoc Gaming Mouse Pros:

  • Big gliders (feet) for smooth moves.
  • Comfortable fat fit for palm riders, but still a good fit for small hands.
  • Relatively cheap for mice these days – good quality still too

CM Havoc Gaming Mouse Cons:

  • Not as many color options as you may be used to.




CM QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Conclusion:

Besides getting some butter from my popcorn on the keys as I typed this review, the QuickFire XT is another good keyboard from the CM QuickFire lineup. I will say the style isn't a lot different from the other QuickFire items and is starting to show its wear on the market as another of the same kind. Its lack of wild branding and flashiness does make this a nice keyboard to sneak into the office without being caught mashing away on your glowing keys or any Razer keyboard. Then you can be happy typing away rather than sad mashing at those Microsoft keyboards or Mac chicklits all day long. It doesn't have anything exceptional with it – no need for drivers and fancy software – but I guess that's what attracts me to it a little bit. I still don't love the need for a function key (FN) to access my media keys, but this seems to be becoming a common thing, at least to keep the size down on most keyboards. I like the Cherry MX Blues as they click and clack away – as a fan of Greens, this isn't too far a step down in pressure. But they do offer this in just about all switch types, so pick your favorite. Overall, I am generally pleased with this one.


CM QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Pros:

  • Small form factor fits on nearly any desk.
  • Simple look for use anywhere, including work!
  • Click Clack – it's mechanical!

CM QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Cons:

  • Small form factor takes away discrete media keys leaving you with a FN key to reach them.
  • Full USB plug hangs off the back for an odd look – but really doesn't deter from function or take too much space, just a weird concept.
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