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CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Review

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CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look (The Software):

The CM Storm software for peripheral devices generally tends to be "good". It's rather straight forward in setup and pretty easy to figure out without needing help. The same applies to the software for the CM Havoc Gaming Mouse (there's no need for software on the XT). The software starts up with a simple loading screen with the CM Storm logo and a red to black gradient background. The red loading bar is part of this smaller window letting you know something is happening.














The software opens in full with the Main screen to the Havoc mouse. An image of the mouse itself provides indication to numbers 1-8 to show you what you are changing. The drop-down options provide you with fun rapid fire options, traditional IE Forward/Back, left click, right click, and access to your macro options (which you can set up in a couple tabs). The bottom edge shows you which profile you are set to and allows you to assign images of 42 x 42 pixels to really claim them as yours.

The advanced tab opens up options for the four cyclic DPI levels from 200DPI all the way up to the maximum 8200DPI. You can set your X and Y sensitivities differently or lock them to be the same (the normal option) and even lower your polling rate if you want. The color options I mentioned earlier are here with the ability to turn off lighting completely, add a breathing effect, or shoot with rapid fire. It's all up to you. The typical OS settings for sensitivity, double-click speed, and response time can all be played with and adjusted here.



The ever-popular macro tab opens up next. You have near freedom in setting up about any macro you can think of. You can record up to 256 options/clicks/button presses, etc. You can change timings to a perfect milliseconds change over what you humanly can do. You can save them locally and/or to the mouse for your use on the go. For fun, I set up a pretend macro that spams HIHIHIHI for whatever reason…it's just so easy to set up, you can do (almost) whatever you want.



The "Profiles" tab allows you to save and build profiles locally and determine which three make it to the mouse. You can see on the left I was working on setting up a "Blue" profile that would ultimately replace one of the default three on the mouse. The 0th position is saved for the CM Havoc settings, which are just default settings you can always return to and guarantee yourself a working mouse when you get overzealous with macros and forget to set a left click button. The "Library" stores all the macros you develop over time and allows you to import and export them so you may share them with your friends.



The final tab is the standard support/update tab, allowing you to jump to the CM Storm website directly to gain access to updates and any online support for the product you may need. You can also access your current version information here so you know whether the most recent software is newer than what you have or not.

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