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CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Review

Price: $54.99, $89.99

CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Introduction:

Cooler Master's lineup of peripheral members has been ever growing. Yet, we haven't reviewed a CM Mouse here at OCC in a while; the last two being the CM Storm Recon and CM Sentinel Advance II. Today the mouse branch grows another leaf further with the CM Havoc Gaming Mouse. The CM Havoc is a gaming mouse designed with precision in mind, capable of 8200DPI. Equipped with Japanese Omron micro-switches, you won't be able to use up all five million plus clicks any time soon. For those of you in love with the palm grip, as opposed to the claw grip, you'll be happy to hear that this was designed with you in mind. Taking on the palm grip style, the Havoc has a longer and fat body for you large-handed folk.

CM's series of keyboards has had a long growing branch of mechanical options as well. Personally, I've handled the CM QuickFire Pro, CM QuickFire TK, CM QuickFire Stealth, and now the CM QuickFire XT. There doesn't seem to be a major change between each new version of the QuickFire, but the subtleties and options with each make each one unique in itself. The key factors making the XT its own board are the available switch types (red, blue, brown, green), USB A connector type, and the ability to get stealth keys on the full size, 104-key keyboard. The XT also has the option of a red, back, steel-plated option with the red switch type (we saw this type of coloring on the TK with the blue plate behind the keys). Ultimately the tree branches keep on growing, seemingly no matter the season; keep reading to find out what these new additions really have to offer.


CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look:

Starting the review off right with the good old box pictures, the QuickFire XT and Havoc both look like they belong together, sporting their CM Storm branding. Both boxes are black with the red and white striping at the upper right and the full Cooler Master logo in the upper left. Each box makes it obvious what's inside by showing off full color images of the product itself. Ultimately it matters what is inside these boxes; nonetheless the pretty box does provide quite the attraction on the shelf, if you buy your product in a store. I won't begin my rant about "pretty" boxes here, as most of you know my opinion on that already.








Focusing on the CM QuickFire XT, the box for this mechanical keyboard makes it quite obvious as to what keys it's packing and where it was made as well. With a quick sticker, the box is easily changed from Cherry MX Red, Brown, Green, or in this case Blue. Another sticker shows the box coming from Taiwan or…well I'm not exactly sure where else. The back of the box goes on to list some features in ten different languages, with English being the most dominant in large, bold, red letters. There are no pictures to go with the features this time – I see CM is finally starting to take the more simple route in packaging.



A glance back at the CM Havoc gaming mouse box shows us a fiery mouse. The box shows off the mouse with flames burning below it; it's a mouse that is on fire – we hope not literally. "Havoc" is below the picture of the mouse with metal cut-out letters held in place with imaginary rivets. Written sideways on the front cover is "Professional Gaming Mouse" as to bring it into its own classification of the market – I'm guessing there's at least one pro gamer out there who has at least held one. The back returns to simple packaging and reads out the specifications in English. A few barcodes cover the bottom corner along with four regions of contact information including: Asia Pacific, China, Europe, and the USA.

Opening up the front Velcro cover lets us take a look at what is to come out of the box soon. In nice form-fitted plastic, the Havoc gaming mouse shows off its curves. The panel shows off some key features of the mouse presented in a few additional color images. Things to look forward to include: the four indicators for DPI, 128KB memory for profiles and macros, customizable color options, rubber side grips, Japanese Omron switches, and eight programmable buttons. There's a lot there to get excited for, so let's hope it shows up come testing time.



Cracking open both boxes, we can be a little excited for what is to come. Both boxes come with their own package details; both including a warranty pamphlet and quick operating instructions. Keep reading to get a closer look of both the CM Havoc and CM QuickFire XT!

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  2. CM QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look
  3. CM Havoc Gaming Mouse Closer Look
  4. CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Closer Look (The Software)
  5. CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Specifications and Features
  6. CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Testing & Results
  7. CM Havoc Gaming Mouse and QuickFire XT Mechanical Keyboard Conclusions
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