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Cooler Master GeminII S Review

Price: $34.99


Have you been looking for a new cooler for your processor? Have you just begun down the long, frustrating, and enjoyable road of overclocking your computer? Have you been using your stock cooler for your processor and notice that your temperatures keep on getting very high? Well Cooler Master may just have the solution for you! They have come up with the GeminII S, which is not only a CPU Cooler, but it also is able to double as a RAM or North Bridge cooler. The GeminII S cooler has a 120mm fan that sits atop its collection of fins but also has the ability to install a second 120mm fan right next to it for extra cooling for the motherboard and other surrounding components such as your RAM sticks and your North Bridge. I am very interested to see not only how well this cooler is able to perform when I put it up against some other coolers, but to see what she looks like; so lets go take a look.


Closer Look:

The packaging for the Cooler Master GeminII S has the very distinctive Cooler Master design to it, with the pink and black bar around the bottom of the package as well as the background of the front being the White and Grey bars. Taking a look at the front of the package, the top is where you are going to find The cooler Master badge, as well as the different processors that the GeminII S has been rated to be able to cool. The bottom is where you are going to find the GeminII S name, with the "CPU + Board Cooler" placed directly under that. In the middle off to the right of the front is where you are going to get a nice picture of the cooler and the copper heat pipes. When you look at the back of the cooler, you are going to see all of the specifications for the cooler as well as some of the main features that Cooler Master wants you to know about their GeminII S cooler. There are also a few pictures on the back to help show you how the cooler is installed. The first side is going to show you a nice little graph showing you the temperature difference between the components with the GeminII S installed over the Stock Intel Heatsink. The next side is going to show you the different applications that you are going to be able to use the cooler for as well as what the cooler looks like with two fans installed.










When you open up the box for the Cooler Master GeminII S Cooler, you are going to see that it has been fitted in a cardboard protector very well to keep it from moving around which could cause bending of the fins or possibility breakage of the fins. There are quite a few different things that come packaged with the cooler, including the mounting hardware for both the Intel socket and AMD socket types. There is also mounting hardware for the fans if you wish to use the dual fan setup. There is also a bag of screws and other goodies, which include a tube of thermal paste, rubber washers, as well as four nuts.  




Now that we know what the packaging looks like as well as what all comes with the cooler, we can go a head a take a cooler look at the cooler itself.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look
  2. Closer Look (Continued)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion
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