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Civilization V 3-Years Later Review


Civilization V Base Game Conclusion:

Has Civilization V scored its own victory, three years after release? I have to say yes. It offers deep gameplay to satisfy a gamer's micromanaging desires and infinite replay-ability, with its various options and randomly generated maps. It also has scenarios you can play out, multiplayer, and modding support, none of which have I gone into, but they all add to it. (By the way, mods are available through the Steam Workshop, making it easy to install and remove them as you wish.)

My personal favorite aspect of Civilization V is the control you have with building your civilization. Combat is nice and satisfying, but it is the empire building I love and play for. If you enjoy such gameplay too, then I can only imagine you loving this game. Of course it is turn-based, so if you prefer a true real-time experience, then you may not find this as enjoyable a game. If you simply do not enjoy strategy games with micromanagement, obviously stay away.

Now, here is a video of some Civilization V, base game, gameplay. It covers the early game, up until war is first declared on me.






  1. Civilization V - Introduction
  2. Civilization V - Game Creation & City Founding
  3. Civilization V - Research, Social Policies, and Economy
  4. Civilization V - Movement & Combat
  5. Civilization V - Diplomacy
  6. Civilization V - Victory
  7. Civilization V Base Game Conclusion
  8. Civilization V - Gods & Kings Expansion
  9. Civilization V - Brave New World Expansion
  10. Civilization V with Expansions Conclusion
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