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Civilization V 3-Years Later Review


Civilization V with Expansions Conclusion:

It was hard to write that earlier conclusion for just the base game, because I wanted so much to say, 'it is not as good a game as it is with the expansions.' I could not though, because I had not gone into those expansions yet. Now I can say it. Civilization V is a very enjoyable game, if you enjoy the gameplay it offers, and the expansions only make it better. If you enjoy the base game, you will feel the need to purchase the expansions to augment your experience.









I have over 230 hours in Civilization V, as I stated earlier, and not a minute of that do I consider lost. The game keeps pulling me back in, and the reason is because of its well designed and balanced micromanagement potential. I like selecting the buildings to be built and finding the best spots to settle cities. I relish hunting for new islands and continents to explore, and every match I start offers something new. I know that is why I like the game and recommend it to others. If that is the kind of gameplay you enjoy as well, then I can certainly recommend it to you.

  1. Civilization V - Introduction
  2. Civilization V - Game Creation & City Founding
  3. Civilization V - Research, Social Policies, and Economy
  4. Civilization V - Movement & Combat
  5. Civilization V - Diplomacy
  6. Civilization V - Victory
  7. Civilization V Base Game Conclusion
  8. Civilization V - Gods & Kings Expansion
  9. Civilization V - Brave New World Expansion
  10. Civilization V with Expansions Conclusion
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