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Cirago Mini Bluetooth Headset HS-450 Review

Price: $32.99


Nowadays, every gadget and peripheral goes wireless. Cables and wires everywhere can get very annoying when you need mobility or comfort. Wi-Fi is great for laptops that need an Internet connection on the go, but for small devices, Bluetooth became the standard. Computers, handhelds and cellular phones are now most of the time equipped with Bluetooth communication in order to make use of devices such as headsets. I now often see people with their small headset in the ear, ready to answer a call. Besides having no wire, they make cellphones hands-free. Here in Quebec, like in many other provinces or states, it became a necessity. A law was created stating that every phone user must rely on a hands-free device while driving. So the solution really is to use a Bluetooth headset, like the HS-450 from Cirago.

This high-tech company founded in Hong Kong in 1996 creates innovative products for people on the go. Its headquarter office is located in the heart of Silicon Valley in California, United-States, where the major online retailers offer its products. Cirago also sells USB bluetooth dongles and storage devices. In this article, I will take a look a the HS-450, mentioned earlier.


Closer Look:

Cirago has opted for a very attractive and vivid packaging. The Bluetooth logo at the top left can't be left unnoticed as it is blue on the orange background. The headset is shown in all its magnificence. The most important features are written on the front, which gives a good overall idea of the product. On the back, it is shown that the HS-450 works with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones, PDAs, notebooks and PCs. The specifications are also listed as well as the package content. On the left side, some other features are listed.












The HS-450  is kept between two plastic layers, the top one being transparent. Inside hides a mini USB cable for charging the unit and an AC charger. So if you don't have a computer at reach, you can plug it directly into the main socket. There are also two other ear buds of different sizes and a neck strap. As for the papers provided, there is a user manual, obviously, and a limited warranty registration card which is to be mailed.


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  2. Closer Look (Continued)
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  4. Specifications & Features
  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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