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CES 2013 Coverage



Zalman had a couple of new CPU coolers, both of which received honors for Design & Engineering. In the photos below, you can see why. First up was an update to its CNPS LQ Series of self-contained water cooling units, the Reserator 3 or C.I Water Cooler. As you can see in the test rig below, like its siblings, it features a soft blue LED light on the water block to let you know the pump is functioning as it should. Though pricing has not been set just yet, its expected to come in around the price of the LQ-320, which is retails for $110. The other CPU cooler is a passive unit simply dubbed the FX100-Cube, though you can pop out the top panel and fit a 92mm fan if you so desire. Put simply, this thing is a beast. The test rigs both feature the new Zalman MS800 Plus mid-tower gaming case, with the "Plus" designation indicating that it features a windowed side panel and 92mm front fan, in addition to the three 3.5" drive bays supporting hot-swapping.












The last thing that caught our eye at the Zalman booth was the ZM1250 Platinum power supply unit. As the name implies, this unit is 80PLUS Platinum, for when 80PLUS Gold just isn't good enough for you. It features dual +12V rails, 4-way GPU support, and a modular design.


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