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CES 2013 Coverage



CyberPowerPC has been building custom built-to-order computers for some time now and has built up a reputation for building both at the high and budget range. Featuring brand name components you know throughout, the performance is going to be predictable. Having had the opportunity to visit with the guys from CyberPowerPC on more than one occasion, the work put into each build is nothing short of spectacular with cable management and liquid cooling loops that are the envy of many. With pricing to fit just about any budget, you can mix and match the parts you want to fit your specific budget targets.

This year they have updated the "Fang" Series Black Mamba by removing the top mounted micro ITX form factor server and storage, replacing them with a series of radiators from the XSPC-based Hydro II liquid cooling lineup. All with the goal of keeping the Intel Core i7 3970X, as well as the pair of NVIDIA GTX 680, cool with a factory overclock of up to 30%. As you can see, this setup uses a dual loop configuration to maximize cooling. The wire management and loop configuration are excellent. Red LED strips are used as accents to fill the case with a brilliant red, not pink as is so often seen when using red light. For the best cooling option, CyberPowerPC has teamed up with XSPC to deliver its Hydro II liquid cooling solutions, including bay reservoirs built for use with Laing D5 pump variants in both a single and dual pump configuration.









Spread throughout the room were rigs that show off the capabilities of the builders at CyberPowerPC, which represent the different gaming series builds the company offers.



High end gaming PCs are not all that CyberPowerPC is building at this point, with the move to small form factor and all-in-one PCs. It's developing an all-in-one PC that features a touch panel for use with Windows 8 and is packed full of enough computing and graphics firepower to run the latest games. Its Zeus SFF gaming system is about the size of current consoles and is packed with the latest name brand hardware for use as a gaming or multimedia PC.



As the market moves to portables, CyberPowerPC has the end user covered with both the Fang Book that features third generation Intel Core series processors and an NVIDIA GTX 600 mobile GPU that played Battlefield 3 with Ultra settings at between 55 and 67 FPS, which is impressive performance for a notebook. If a full-on gaming laptop is not your cup of tea, you can look to the Zeus-M Ultrabook also equipped with the latest Intel Core series processors and Intel HD 4000 graphics, up to 16GB of memory, and up to 600GB of solid state storage.



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