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CES 2013 Coverage

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Ice Dragon Cooling

Ice Dragon Cooling hit the scene at CES a few years back and really created a stir with its "better than water" water cooling fluid. This cooling fluid is filled with zinc oxide nanoparticles and Ice Dragon Cooling claims that it can evacuate heat 20% faster than straight distilled water, which allows for cooler components with the same size radiators and fans (or smaller radiators and fans for comparable temperatures to water). Ever since it was introduced, people have been clamoring for a black version of the fluid since the first iteration looks almost like milk. So this year at CES, the company brought a brand new nanofluid that is literally pitch black. The awesome color also comes with a great perk as it is actually even more thermally conductive than the older white nanofluid. That extra performance does come with a pretty hefty price though: it is incredibly electrically conductive. The Ice Dragon Cooling reps wouldn't say what the new nanoparticle was, but the OCC crew suspects it may be graphite. Ice Dragon Cooling did mention that in the case of any spill, it would need to be cleaned off of any parts it came in contact with.









Origin PC has teamed up with Ice Dragon Cooling for its new liquid cooled systems. To increase the performance of its self-contained water cooling systems, Origin had Ice Dragon Cooling design a new coldplate for the Corsair H100 system that features twisted pins (instead of microchannels) and center-die coolant injection (instead of cross-die flow) to maximize thermal effiency.



The original white nanofluid was on display pumping through a miniature water cooling loop to show that it will flow properly through even the most restrictive water blocks without issue.

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