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CES 2013 Coverage


intellect motion

An interesting booth that caught the eye of the OCC crew was intellect motion. Focused on making gaming "healthier", the company brought along its newest technology that requires real work from the user to play a game. The company CEO claims that a 15 minute play session can burn the same number of calories as a McDonald's hamburger. The GameCube system works by strapping the user into a harness that restricts movement, but also requires the player to work against the restraints to control their in-game character. Also worn by the player is the SMotion sensor that allows for faster recognition of player movements. The IM Gun is also available for shooter-type games and integrates into the whole system for precise aiming control. OCC's very own ClayMeow took the system for a test run with the open-source game Xonotic, which features full GameCube, SMotion, and IM Gun support and after almost 15 minutes of fragging he was done with his workout session. This is certainly not something for personal use, as the cost is quite prohibitive at around $10,000. One of the reps mentioned that they're marketing it to hospitals, rehab centers, gyms, etc.









As promised, here are two videos that shows ClayMeow using the system and racking up a few kills in Xonotic:

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