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CES 2013 Coverage

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Razer (Continued)

Though the Razer Edge was clearly the star of the Razer booth, the company was also showing off two other new products. First up was the highly impressive Razer Sabertooth gamepad for use with PC and Xbox 360. Why were we impressed with a gamepad? While it looks like a standard Xbox 360 controller, from the top, it adds a bunch of extras that make it well worth the $79.99 price tag. First off, it adds two shoulder multi-function buttons and two removable two-way rockers underneath, providing four additional multi-function buttons. These six multi-function buttons can be programmed with any macro you desire, but in order to stick with Microsoft regulations, no rapid fire capabilities are supported. Though it may not seem like it, the rockers on the bottom of the controller are actually perfectly situated and are very easy to use for those with large or small hands alike. The Sabertooth sports an OLED screen on the bottom front, which allows you to program the multi-function buttons, adjust the sensitivity of the analog sticks, and save profiles. All the buttons are mechanical and to make transport easy, a carrying case is included and the 10-foot braided cable is detachable.













The last piece of hardware we took a look at was the Razer Orbweaver, a mechanical gaming keypad accessory. It features 20 fully programmable keys and an 8-way directional thumb pad. The keys are Cherry MX Blues with 50g actuation force. The hand, thumb, and palm-rest modules are adjustable to fit just about any hand size. The Orbweaver was certainly comfortable, but at $129.99, you really have to be a hardcore gamer to make it worthwhile, especially when you consider you can get good full-size keyboards for around the same price or even cheaper.


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