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CES 2012 Coverage



Everyone knows and remembers the case named Phantom by NZXT — mostly for its looks, functionality, and feature-rich design. Adding to that lineup is the much alike, but smaller and more affordable, Phantom 410. However, instead of a plain black, white, or even pink color scheme, NZXT chose to poll users from all over the world for what color schemes we wanted to see. What NZXT determined from these results is that we like dark blue on white, white on black, and orange on black. Another mainstream case we got to see was the Source 220. Next to the Source 220 is a set of NZXT's new colored fans, which are available in quite a lot of colors!









Inside of the 5.25" bays in the Source 220 case were a couple of new things from NZXT. We got to see the NZXT multi-memory card reader in both white and black mesh to match current schemes, but we also got to put our eyes directly on NZXT's Sentry Mesh fan controller, which supports over 150W of fans at 30W per channel! This controller can literally support more fans than your case can without breaking a sweat. We also got to see NZXT's "HALE82" line of power supplies. Though currently manufactured by Seasonic, the HALE82 line is a 80 Plus Bronze certified, modularly designed, SLI/CrossFire-capable power supplies available in 650W, 750W, and 850W.



CyberPower PC

When it comes to high end computers and gaming, most of the market is in the DIY sector where pre-builts just aren't an option. However, for those who want the luxury sports automobile of computers, CyberPower PC is the answer. Although there wasn't much on display from CyberPower PC this year at CES, we still got to see a couple of neat things from the company. First were two computers toward the front of the area. The white case with blue lighting is based around the AZZA Genesis 9000 case. It is capable of handling a 4x120mm radiator at the top and a 2x120mm additional radiator at the bottom. CyberPower PC's main focus this year is continuing to improve water cooling performance and eventually reaching a maximum temperature of 55 °C on the CPU, even after extreme overclocking. The other system with red lighting was demoing Battlefield 3 with two GTX580s in SLI. The chassis is the NZXT Switch 810, which launched shortly after CES was over. At the time, we weren't allowed to take pictures of the inside of the case, but you can expect a review from us shortly!



The biggest thing from CyberPower PC at CES this year is definitely the Black Mamba. The Black Mamba uses a modified Azza Fusion 4000 gaming chassis, which is a huge, mega tower that can fit two systems in one housing. The first, lower system is the main gaming/extreme system and has plenty of room for a complete, full-coverage water cooling loop, three or four video cards, and radiators in both the top and the bottom of the case. The upper system is where you'll keep a mini ITX system. Ideally, you'll be using some sort of server platform to account for backups, file sharing, anti-virus, permissions, etc. This is a very cool system from CyberPower PC, but don't expect to see these all over the place due to the hefty price tag. However, with the right needs, it's a perfect solution.


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