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CES 2012 Coverage



At Sapphire this year, we were able to take a look at a couple new products that we felt were very neat additions to Sapphire's product lineup. While there wasn't much out for us to see, we got a pretty good look at a neat way to run multiple monitors on a laptop from only one video output port. This device is called the Sapphire Vid-2X and is available in DisplayPort and DVI flavors. With two external monitors plugged into it, the Vid-2X reads the EDID of the two monitors to determine their resolutions and that is sent back to the computer. From there, the Vid-2X looks like a single monitor that's simply two-wide — and since it's simply passing through, the video is accelerated and requires no extra CPU power. We also saw the Sapphire Edge HD2, which is an Atom-based HTPC that requires little to no room and is powerful enough to display full 1080p to the TV of your choice.











To no surprise, Sapphire also had an HD 7970 system on display in a custom Dangerden case showing off Unigine's Heaven benchmark. In the system was a single Sapphire-branded HD 7970, though no listing was given on its motherboard and processor combination. However, it did list the following: Kingston memory and SSD, NZXT power supply, and a Corsair H80 water cooler for the processor.



After checking out these products in the main area, we were led into a side area where we got to have a look at Sapphire's New Z77 motherboard for LGA 1155 processors. While we did get a look at it, we didn't get a chance to snap any pictures of the board. However, it's not a secret or anything, so if you're curious enough, it's not too hard to find! The availability of these motherboards is slated to be some time in April.

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  38. CES Extras: Booth Babes Part 1
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  40. CES Extras: Booth Babes with Staff
  41. CES Final Thoughts
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