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CES 2011 Coverage



This year at CES, IN WIN has a massive display of probably close to twenty exciting computer cases. These cases range from compact small form factor cases, to massive full tower cases with gracious amounts of real estate volume. All of IN WIN's cases are designed with the user in mind, offering great features and superb cooling capabilities.




One of the main displays is of the IN WIN Buc case. The recently unveiled Buc is a very stout mid tower case with three hot swappable bays that are removable through the side panel without the need to remove the panel itself. Inside, there is room for two extra 3.5" hard drives and it also offers room for four 5.25" devices (three external). To the left of the Buc display is one of IN WIN's small form factor (SFF) cases with a built-in monitor stand. To the right of this display is a group of IN WIN's Commander II power supplies, ranging from 750W to a tremendous 1200W. These power supplies are also 80 PLUS certified, which means it has an efficiency greater than 80%.




Another well-promoted icon at the IN WIN booth is the IN WIN Dragon Rider. It is a full tower case, much like the earlier Maelstrom, full of features such as a massive 220mm fan on the side panel, sound dampening foam, USB 3.0, and top mounted I/O ports and power/reset buttons. The Dragon Rider can hold up to eleven 120mm fans, making it one of the most customizable cooling cases offered by IN WIN. The right side panel has a concave shape pressed into it, allowing for a huge amount of extra room for wire management not typically offered by other cases on the market. It also features a fan on this panel behind the CPU, aimed at the motherboard tray, which can help remove heat buildup from behind the motherboard tray to improve CPU temperatures.



The last case that IN WIN showed us is the BR665. This case is built around the microATX platform with the ability to house two 12.5" graphics cards, allowing the user to run a compact yet extremely powerful setup. On a completely different subject, IN WIN offers portable data enclosures as well. A neat, but quirky product from IN WIN is the O-Ring. The O-Ring is a silicon enclosure that wraps around a 2.5" hard drive that uses a 5-pin mini USB connector. It was interesting, but didn't seem very practical. Nevertheless, the IN WIN O-Ring is like nothing else on the market.


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