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CES 2011 Coverage



This year, Thermaltake was in a private suite to show off its new products that the company is getting ready to introduce to the market. When you first walked into the suite, you got to see a table with its full lineup of power supplies displayed, as well as its power supply testers. You have the Toughpower Grand, which comes in wattages from 650W to 1200W, the Toughpower 1350W, Toughpower XT, which comes in wattages from 574W to 875W, and the budget-end of its power supplies, the TR2 PSU, which ranges from 380W to 800W. The Dr. Power II is a Universal ATX Power Supply Tester that has an oversized LCD panel to show the value of each specific power rail within on-tenth of a volt. Thermaltake also had its external hard drive enclosures on display, two of which are brand new, the Max 5G Active Cooling External Enclosure and the Max 5 Active Cooling External Enclosure. Both versions have two 80mm fans to actively cool the hard drive that is installed inside, with the 5G version supporting USB 3.0 and a maximum transfer rate up to 5.0Gbp/s. The new BlacX 5G HDD docking station was also out on display, which accepts 3.5" and 2.5" SATA HDDs with USB 3.0 support. 






Thermaltake also had one of its new CPU coolers on display, the Frio OCK, which will cool up to 240W of power with its dual 130mm VR fan setup and a total of six heat pipes. The Frio OCK is going to come with mounting kits for Intel Socket LGA1366/1156/775 and AMD Socket AM3/AM2+/AM2.  



The Shock Spin gaming headset was being shown off in the suite as well. This headset is a very bright orange color with a spinning bezel over the earpieces and the Thermaltake logo printed in the center. They have 50mm Neodymium transducers for clear, uncolored sound. They feature impressive, powerful bass and crystal-clear treble, an individual mic box for gaming communication and a self-adjustable headband for outstanding comfort. The Thermaltake ARMOR A30 was also out on display — a mini case with USB 3.0 ports located on the front. It can fit high-end graphics cards up to 13" (or 33cm) with a large 23cm blue LED fan to keep the components inside cool while keeping the computer silent.  



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