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CES 2010 Coverage



Antec had some great products featured at CES this year and it came as no surprise they had some tricks up their sleeve to get the party started. As we walked through the door they motioned us over to a case that literally had me wanting to see more. This wonder happened to be the new LanBoy Air chassis, which is designed to be one of the most open cases you have ever seen. The panels are of a mesh design, with fans placed strategically to allow for good air flow over the critical components while leaving your inner components open to the “Air”. The modular design of the case allows the user to set up the system as desired based on requirements. To complement the LanBoy Air Antec designed the LanBoard, which is a strap and a base with wheels designed for making transportation of your computer easier for those LAN Parties.








Antec had more cases on show, which contained some of the sweet features that we have wanted for some time now. Two in particular were the DF-30 and the DF-85 that caught our eyes with one neat feature, which were the hot swappable bays for 2.5 inch drives. These allow on the go data transfer without the need for installing the drives or adding an external dock. These cases also feature easy to open fan grills, which allow you to clean the filters and insert hard drives with little effort. The DF-85 also features two hot swappable 3.5 inch bays.






To round off the Antec cases for the 2010 CES show there were a few models on display that were not final designs yet; however some looked promising. There are no specific details on these cases, nor release dates (if any), but the prototypes give us a good idea on some of the paths that Antec is taking to perfect their products for us end users.




Antec, while big on their cases had a lot more to offer however. First they showed an extensive line of notebook coolers, available in a variety of sizes and functions with support for both netbooks and notebooks up to 17 inches. To power your computers they also have several power blocks, which are both powerful and compact depending on the model that the consumer requires.





To wrap up the look at the wonderful Antec products we finished off with their power supplies. Antec has some great designs, which are intended to provide your system with stable and clean power for maximum performance and efficiency. There was the Antec TPQ- 1200 OC, which allows the user to adjust the output of each of the 12 volt rails and also has a capacitor type design in each lead to provide a stable current to your system. They also had other models of power supplies, along with some CPU coolers for us to view.




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