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CES 2009 Coverage


Another beautiful day here in Las Vegas bringing you the best of CES, with the OCC team arriving at the convention center in limo driven style. Today we took a look at the manufacturers showcasing at the Sands Convention Center, the Venetian Hotel, and the Las Vegas Convention Center. There were some really big names here for us including the likes of CoolIT, Zotac, Super Talent, Crucial and more. As always we will be bringing to you today the best products available for you, so sit back and enjoy the day one coverage of the 2009 International Consumer Electronics show.


Super Talent:

One of the booths that we noticed right away was Super Talent. Super Talent is a major manufacturer of memory based components including flash drives, memory cards and of course computer memory. One thing biggest things that caught my eye was a banner stating their memory is made for overclocking and one set even claimed to be the most advanced DDR3 memory. There were several sets of DDR3 memory they were showcasing including the Project X memory which is offered in 2GB and 4GB sets up to 2000MHz speeds; the Gold Series, which also is offered in 2GB and 4GB sets up to 1600MHz, and a 3GB set for motherboards that support Triple Channel at speeds of up to 1600MHz. Being a tech geek I was really impressed with the 2GB Pico Drive gift we received. This drive is about the same width of a quarter which makes it nice for portability.





Another well known company, and one we have reviewed products for is Zotac. Zotac has been showing strong in their graphics cards and not surprisingly they are again aiming for the top with the latest offering from NVIDIA including the GTX 295 and the GTX 285. You can see the sheer size of the GTX 295 card which makes calling it a beast an under statement. Another very nice product they had on display is a Mini-ITX motherboard based on the GeForce 9300 series chipset. This is a Socket 775 board that offers HD video playback, integrated wireless LAN, and more. This board is targeted for those wanting a nice HTPC with minimal hardware involved.





CoolIT Systems:

CoolIT should be a familiar name to most by now, specializing in advanced liquid cooling systems. We recently reviewed the Domino A.L.C. cooling solution for CPUs, which was among the items on display at the CoolIT booth. Other products being shown off included the Freezone Elite CPU cooler and Boreas MTEC Chassis, featuring an impressive looking assembly and utilizing 12 TECs in the company’s top chiller unit. A custom cooling solution made for Dell was also on display. Seeing the hardware in the flesh definitely gives you a feel for the kind of engineering involved in producing such equipment.




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