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CES 2009 Coverage



Last year at CES, there seemed to be a big focus from many manufacturers on large displays, so when we saw Sony's new OLED screens, it really struck us as innovative and different from everyone else. This year, a few other manufacturers have OLED screens, but again, Sony has something to set themselves apart from the rest with a flexible OLED screen. This was a brand new development, so the screen was only tiny, but it was playing live video whilst flexing back and forth inside the display case.








We already saw Sony's OLED displays last year, and this time they were still just as impressive. The quality improvement over current display technology is instantly recognizable, with much more lifelike colors, and a pretty much perfect blackpoint due to there not being a backlight.





Next we saw some TV displays that require polarised glasses in order to view the 3D image. This seems quite popular this year, and the most impressive example was the game demos running on the PS3.



There are so many manufacturers with netbooks at CES this year, so it was nice to see Sony with something different. The ultra-wide aspect VAIO Lifestyle PC was obviously marketed towards women, as they came in a range of sparkly colours and matching cases that looked like a purse/pocketbook. These mini netbooks have an impressive resolution, for the size of the screen, of 1600x768.




Sony also had some netbooks with displays that are slightly larger than the norm. The largest one, the VGN-Z600 series, has a 13.1" screen with a resolution of 1600x900 for a movie-friendly 16:9 aspect ratio and uses the T series of Core 2 mobile processors.



The VGN-TT200 series has an 11.1" screen with a 1366x768 display and uses the P series of energy efficient Core 2 mobile processors.


Sony had an online competition for people to submit their creative efforts as entries for the personalised "My Graphic Splash" laptop skins. The final 4 winners' designs were on display at the booth, which were a huge hit, as they're practically impossible to obtain anymore. We were told that another competition is planned for the future for additional designs.

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