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CES 2009 Coverage



Samsung is one of the leading names in TVs and LCD monitors, and it certainly showed that at CES. One of the first things you notice at the Samsung booth is all the new 3D TVs and monitors. In fact, 3D has been a huge focus for several companies this year, and Samsung is definitely towards the head of the pack with its assortment of 3D products. The first such product we saw was the “TV with Built-In 3D Formatter”. While many of the 3D TVs we saw at CES required content designed for 3D, this Samsung TV converts high definition 2D content to 3D in real-time. When we asked how this was possible, we were told that the TVs use motion detection algorithms to calculate where objects on the screen are in terms of depth into the screen. This wasn't perfect for all scenes, but seemed to work very well overall.








Even more impressive was the 3D LCD TV that required no 3D glasses. The 52” Full HD TV uses a lenticular type 3D display with 9 view points lens to deliver a 3D image. It’s hard to explain or show in pictures, but if you’ve ever seen a ridged hologram card, it has a similar visual effect, where if you move quickly from side to side, you can see different images. But if you stay still, it’s actually pretty amazing.



Lastly in the 3D realm are the 3D gaming monitors, with Samsung seeming to be the only company to have 3D monitors on display at CES.



Sticking with monitors, Samsung unveiled IP Network-Based monitors, which essentially allows you to send a display over the network using standard IP addresses.



Samsung also had its DisplayLink monitors on display. These monitors have USB inputs and outputs and allow you to daisy-chain multiple screens together. Samsung had six monitors hooked up to a laptop, including four mounted on a special stand.



Next up were the wide-viewing angle monitors, which provided a near 180° viewing angle.




Lastly, Samsung had wireless photo frames on display.

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