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CES 2009 Coverage


FSP Group:

We came across the FSP booth while walking the floor at the Sands Convention Center. FSP offer a range of power supplies, and had a number of models on display. Those that were of the most interest to us were the Everest series PSUs, and specifically the new Everest Pro 1200W. The 135mm cooling fan should hopefully ensure quieter operation under heavy loads. This will come packaged in its on hard airline-style case and features six 12V rails @ 20A each, with a combined maximum of 90A. Also on display at the FSP booth was a PC setup in an acrylic case being powered by a passively cooled Zen 400 PSU. A noiseless 400W PSU would certainly be appealing to those looking for a silent setup with enough power to run a decent single graphics card.










Today we stopped by the Silverstone booth, where they had some cool looking equipment on show, with everything ranging from cases to coolers and flow fans. The first thing that we took a look at was their new Temjin Series case, that is loaded with some cool looking features, such as being able to hold seven expansion slots, 2 standard PS2 power supplies or one redundant PS2 PSU. It can also hold a total of four 120mm fans and two 92mm fans. The Temjin comes in either silver or black and the dimensions of 220mm x 560mm x 565mm means it is able to hold anything from a Micro ATX to an Extended ATX motherboard.

They were also showing a 2.5” to 3.25” hard drive converter, which can come in handy when you are attempting to use one of the new solid state drives in an older case that only has support for larger drives. They also had the NT01E cooler on display, which measured out at 141mm x 108mm x 105mm and is composed of copper heat pipes, copper fins, as well as a copper base; they used the copper to help with the kind of heat load that the newer processors are dishing out. There are a total of five heat pipes that run all the way from the base and drive directly into the fin array for quick and effortless transfer of heat. The final thing that we took a look at is the SFF Cross Flow Fan, a fan that you can purchase for your SST-SG01, SG02, SG03, and SG04 cases. The Cross Flow Fan is going to allow you to suck the warm air that builds around your CPU, MOSFET, and Chipsets and push it out of the way to be removed from the interior of the case, bringing the overall case temperature down.






We also went to the Diamond booth and had a nice talk with them about their new USB Display Adapter. The adapter allows you to convert any of your empty USB ports into an extra DVI port for an additional display. Unfortunately the adapter isn't going to offer the kind of performance required for serious gaming, however if you are just looking for an easy way to use a secondary display on your machine, be it a desktop or a laptop, you are all set to go with it. 


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